One Piece Chapter 710


The Straw Hat Pirates embodies some well-known Kung fu (term) fighting characters.


The injured losers from Block B are brought out of the ring. Luffy talks to Bellamy, who thinks he hasn’t changed a bit. The Straw Hat Captain denies this, but tells him his former opponent that with his immense haki and that he cheered him on, it is he who has gone through the bigger changes. Bellamy adds that his pride is broken. Bartolomeo overhears this conversation and is shocked at the mention of the name “Straw Hat”.

The team for the delivery of Caesar Clown still has 45 minutes until the agreed deadline. They are about to cross the iron bridge, but even there they are attacked by the fighting fish. Law leaves them in the hands of Usopp and Robin. However, since a whole school of the fish have shown up, he additionally has Caesar uncuffed so that he can assist them in the fight. To forestall his escape, Law has his coronary heart taken from him. The Samurai of the Seas himself doesn’t fight, as the use of his devil power takes up his stamina, however he needs it badly in a confrontation with Donquixote Doflamingo. They finally reach a collapsed part of the bridge. From the other side, one of the struggling fish is suddenly shot and captured, but the unknown fishermen immediately flee when approached by Usopp.

The group ends up using Caesar as a gas balloon to get to the other side. They reach Green Bit, which turns out to be a huge forest. In the midst of it is a naval battleship that must have recently crashed onto the island for unknown reasons. Caesar and Usopp show little enthusiasm at the appearance of the navy, but Law remains calm. He seems to have already planned their appearance with his note to Smoker.

In the remaining 14 minutes that Law needs them back, Robin and Usopp explore the forest a bit. There they suddenly have to hide from some marines who confront unseen people and ask if they belong to the Straw Hat Pirates. When they refuse to give the creatures their weapons, they steal all of their clothes down to their underwear in a flash. Robin uses her powers to catch one of the thieves. She thinks that they seem to be dwarves.

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