One Piece Chapter 708


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 27: “The meat pie-loving Commander Gaburu was Grandma’s now-deceased grandson.”
Caribou looks at the picture that was lying on the ground next to the old woman. It shows Gaburu, who is her beloved grandson.


Don Chinjao says that Garp was a devil for pirates and that Luffy must now pay for his grandfather’s deeds. The latter tries desperately – though unsuccessfully – to further hide his identity, because Cavendish would also want to kill him otherwise. Without further hesitation, Chinjao attacks him with a headbutt, bringing the conflict to the attention of other participants in the tournament. While Cavendish tries to remove Luffy’s fake beard, they note that the former pirate, already attacking again, had a bounty of over 500 million berries at the time. However, the captain of the Beautiful pirate gang sees his own prey in the straw hat and counters Chinjao’s headbutt with his sword “Durandal”, one of the world’s best blades. The latter, however, remains unharmed and continues to attack bluntly. Even an attack by Luffy is withstood by his head, with which, according to legend, he once even split an arctic continent. The now enraged Chinjao acknowledges the strength of his opponents, but says they still can’t defeat him. At that moment, his grandsons Boo and Sai rush up and stop their grandfather. They don’t want to be disqualified, otherwise they wouldn’t be able to achieve their true goal in this place. Cavendish, however, still wants to kill Luffy, but since the latter has suddenly disappeared, the pirate captain goes in search of him.

Meanwhile, a rumor spreads among the participants that “Straw Hat” Luffy is supposed to be present. He is hiding below the window from which one can observe the battlefield.

Meanwhile in the fight of block B Tank Lepanto has been defeated by Abdullah and Jeet. Over 100 people have already been eliminated, with around 30 participants remaining. Dagama is still convinced of Elizabello’s ultimate technique – the “King Punch” – and Ricky has a duel with Blue Gilly.

While Abdullah and Jeet are about to choose their next victim, Bellamy suddenly pierces her feet with knives. He then grabs her by her upper lips and brutally yanks her backwards. The audience cheers him on.

The spectators are also enthusiastic about Hack, but less so about Bartolomeo. The latter simply urinates calmly in the water around the ring, but the fish-man fighter now appears behind him. He finds the rookie’s behavior outrageous and attacks him for it, but it shatters Hack’s fist just before it can reach Bartolomeo and he goes down. The spectators as well as Luffy are stunned by the mysterious powers of the “cannibal”.

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