One Piece Chapter 705


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 25: “Let this be a warning to you”.
Scotch and his men have defeated the rebels and have set fire to Gaburu’s flag and some nearby houses.


Dress Rosa, Corrida Colosseum: The crowd is amazed by Jesus Burgess’ appearance and cheers his victory. Franky is also surprised, thinking that the tournament should be easy for Luffy. However, the carpenter of the Straw Hat Pirates now wants to go back to his task and search for the factory. The one-legged toy soldier also wants to go with him, but Franky thinks he has no use for him. He just wants to squeeze a member of the Donquixote pirate gang. When he says this out loud, he is interrupted again by the toy soldier. Other spectators are already scowling in his direction. The “impetuous soldier of wrath” thinks they should change their position.

In a corner of the coliseum, a marine is talking via Den-den Mushi to one of the participants in the waiting room. They are talking about some participating pirates when the latter is spotted by Gambia, the staff officer of the Bartolomeo pirate gang. He then hangs up and says he will call back in ten minutes.

The contestant exits the Coliseum restroom shortly thereafter. He wipes blood from his hands, which comes from Gambia, who lies defeated in the garbage dump. He is Vice Admiral Maynard of the Navy Headquarters, who entered the tournament under the name “Capman”.

As Block B of the tournament is about to start, the Blind Man leaves the Coliseum with the Marine who had been on the phone with Maynard. He orders three battleships to Green Bit and also demands some medical officers be sent here. He is Admiral Fujitora of the naval headquarters.

In a northeastern café: Law, Usopp and Robin, who is to deliver Caesar Clown to Donquixote Doflamingo, inquire about the bridge to Green Bit. Their waiter says that this iron-reinforced bridge has not been used for 200 years already. That’s when the “fighting fish” showed up. Law also wonders why things are so quiet on the island despite the king’s resignation. Robin, meanwhile, has noticed the appearance of agents of the CP0. This is the highest unit of the Cipher Pol.

Zoro is still chasing after the “fairy”, but finally he manages to catch his Shuusui. In the process, however, he flies off a building before the “fairy” herself lands on him along with the stolen goods. She doesn’t want to be seen by humans under any circumstances, but Zoro already has his eye on her.

Meanwhile, the lost Kinemon is threatened by some members of the Donquixote pirate gang, who recognize him by his topknot. They force the samurai to come with them if he cares about Kanjuro’s life.

Sanji and Violet are meanwhile the target of a gunman, who also seems to belong to the Donquixote family. But the Cook is able to finish him off in time, which pleases the beautiful woman very much. Sanji thinks he has fallen in love with her.

On the Thousand Sunny: To cheer up Momonosuke, Nami, Chopper and Brook play with that he is a shogun. Suddenly, voices and noises sound from the men’s room.

Corrida Colosseum: An employee of the Coliseum calls on Bartolomeo and Capman for a Block B fight. The pirate captain shows up, but the undercover Vice Admiral lies defeated where he had previously left the Bartolomeo pirate staff officer.

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