One Piece Chapter 704


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 24: “Putting Down the Worker Rebellion.”
Scotch has shown up and is relentlessly beating down Gaburu’s followers. Caribou watches this in shock.


Other fighters are shocked by Luffy, dressed as Lucy, defeating the Star Gladiator so easily. A coliseum employee wants to throw Luffy out of the tournament because of the incident, but he is interrupted by the Chinjao family from Kano Country, saying that the defeated man started the fight. Luffy thanks those, but one of the three, Sai, angrily refuses the thanks. Meanwhile, not far away, King Elizabello II and Tactician Dagama of the Kingdom of Prodense are discussing with the Funk Brothers, two assassins of a neighboring country. The latter accuse their counterpart of an intrigue with strong participants. Dagama merely retorts that the Funk brothers were also surely sent by their country to gain the precious Fire Fruit, and that the other participants were also plotting. In doing so, he mentions a few notable players, including Bellamy as well as the currently absent pirates Cavendish and Bartolomeo. The first phase of the tournament is a Battle Royale. Of the 550+ participants divided into four blocks, only four will advance to the next round. Luffy is in Group C.

Luffy is finally ushered into the preparation room for the battles. The Straw Hat Captain is thrilled with the number of equipment options he is given and immediately dresses accordingly. The captain of the Beautiful pirate gang, Cavendish, enters the room and tells Luffy that he will exceed the weight limit for protective gear with such equipment. When the “Pirate Prince”, whose good looks make the female employees go weak in the knees, asks Luffy who he is, the latter blabs and gives his real name. However, since he still has the inscription with the alias “Lucy” on it, this is dismissed as a slip of the tongue. Cavendish thinks that if he were the real Monkey D. Luffy, he would have to kill him immediately. After all, he himself entered the New World three years ago, gaining much notoriety with his 280 million berry bounty, until finally the Battle of Marine Ford and the Supernovae two years ago eclipsed any news about him. That’s why he’s going to win the Fire Fruit at the tournament and kill everyone who stole his spot in the limelight. Luffy, however, ultimately pays no attention to him.

Luffy then looks at the bronze statue of an old man that is also in the room. The female gladiator Rebecca approaches him and explains that he is the legendary, strongest warrior in the history of the Corrida Colosseum, Kyros. In 3,000 fights he is said to have received only one hit and to have competed here until 20 years ago. But no one in the country seems to know him, neither the older people nor other gladiators. The only thing known about Kyros is engraved on the base of the statue, otherwise he is a mystery. Some contestants end up making fun of Rebecca, saying she must be glad her tormentor Spartan is already out of the running. The gladiator competing in Block D doesn’t seem pleased with the remarks and proclaims to Luffy in response that this is her last tournament. She too wants to obtain the Fire Fruit and then defeat Donquixote Doflamingo. After that, she says goodbye again for the time being.

Block A’s fight has come to a swift end in the meantime. The winner of the round is a masked man who registered under the name “Mr. Store”. But now that one unmasks, whereupon all present are shocked at his true identity. It is the captain of the first ship of the Blackbeard pirate gang, Jesus Burgess!


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