One Piece Chapter 700


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 20: “Returned out of curiosity, only to find a search party”.
Caribou has returned to the interior of the island out of curiosity, only to find the previously expelled soldiers still searching for him.


All over the world: people are talking about Flamingo’s resignation from the Seven Samurai and the alliances between Luffy and Law, as well as Kid, Apoo and Hawkins. In a country at war, some of the inhabitants wonder what is now with the arms deal between Flamingo and them, since they can’t win the war without his weapons. Bonney and Jinbe also read the newspaper carefully.

In the alliance hideout around Kid: Some members of the alliance are upset and wonder why people know about their alliance so quickly and who this Absa is, who is the author of this article and has also written several such articles in the past. Kid, on the other hand, sees the problem more with Law and Luffy. He is sure that they too are after one of the Four Emperors and wonders who their target is. Meanwhile, the ship that Hogback and Absalom used to escape from the Thriller Bark with Moria is seen sailing away from the hideout.

On Dress Rosa: Flamingos Den-den Mushis ring incessantly, but he only answers one: Laws.

The conversation between the two begins with Flamingo’s confirmation that he has left the Seven Samurai. Luffy, however, picks up the phone on the other end and makes it clear that he is Monkey D. Luffy, the future king of the pirates, and would actually beat Flamingo up for what he did, but he’d let it go because of the deal. However, if Flamingo was still guilty of something, Luffy wouldn’t hesitate for a second. When Flamingo asks what Luffy did during the two years after Ace’s death, he replies that he can’t tell. Flamingo replies that he has something in his possession that Luffy would probably do anything to get. Luffy immediately thinks of particularly delicious meat. However, he is now restrained at this point by Law and Usopp. Doflamingo lets Caesar’s voice assure him that he is all right. Law then explains how the handover will take place: In exactly eight hours, they will drop Caesar off on Green Bit, an island north of Dress Rosa. Flamingo can then pick him up there. Flamingo himself expresses his regret, saying he would like to have a drink with everyone, whereupon Law hangs up, as the thought of meat could otherwise have made Luffy rejoin the conversation and given Flamingo an opening to attack.

On the Thousand Sunny: Sanji wonders what would happen if Flamingo took his entire crew to Green Bit. Law replies that this wouldn’t be a problem, as it’s just a red herring; in fact, the Straw Hats and Law are now heading to Dress Rosa to destroy the SAD factory. Unfortunately, Law doesn’t know where it is, as he’s never been to the island, and hasn’t been able to find out. Franky then tells the group that it can’t be that hard to find a factory given its size, and he would destroy it with his beam. Luffy is already looking forward to this adventure and says he really wants to go to Wano Country. Law wants to talk him out of it, but Luffy and the rest are already talking about what Sanji should make them for breakfast. Even Law gets carried away at this, as he notes with shock. Over breakfast, Kinemon tells his story. There were originally four of them, Momonosuke, Kinemon, and two other samurais, and they were going to Zou. Law interrupts him at this, saying that this is the Alliance’s next port of call, as one of his crew, Bepo, is there. At Kinemon’s question, Luffy immediately allows him to come with them to Zou following Dress Rosa, which they will also be heading to. Momonosuke and Kinemon now tell that they were shipwrecked on the way there and therefore ended up on Dress Rosa, but with only three of them left. They were then attacked by Doflamingo’s men and Momonosuke was able to escape onto a ship. However, this ship set sail for Punk Hazard, which was carrying “sick” children. Kinemon was able to pursue his son, but only because his friend Kanjuro sacrificed himself and remained behind as a hostage. Luffy, Chopper and Franky are moved by this story and desperately want to save him, while Law reminds them of the plan.

In the New World, the new Marine Headquarters: Brannew talks about the Seven Samurai Hawkeye, Flamingo, Bartholomew Kuma, Hancock, Law, Buggy and the person they had talked about before. However, as of this morning, this constellation no longer has any consistency, with Flamingo resigning and Law’s alliance putting his title in jeopardy as well. The construct of the Seven Samurai is unstable, he says. Sakazuki interrupts him at this, saying he had already sent Fujitora off.

Dress Rosa: The people are saddened by Flamingo’s resignation. One member of his gang says that they will fight any navy member who enters this island. Baby 5, meanwhile, is looking for Trébol. When she finds him, she sends him to Flamingo, saying he has summoned him.

A room in the villa on Dress Rosa: Flamingo thanks Diamante, thanks to him the Colosseum is always a success. At this moment, Trébol – as a kind of slime – comes from the ceiling and hands Flamingo a small box. Flamingo speaks to the three people sitting in front of him on chairs leaning on the colors of a poker game: Diamante, Trébol, and Pica. The chair with the color heart seems to be free. He says that Luffy will want the contents of that box at all costs. He entrusts it to Diamante. Inside is Ace’s Fire Logia!

The Coast of Dress Rosa: The Thousand Sunny reaches the island.

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