One Piece Chapter 699


The Straw Hat Pirates is dressed in medieval costumes while surrounded by a dragon.


While the marines are shocked by Kuzan’s appearance, Donquixote Doflamingo remains unimpressed and tries to kill Smoker. To Buffalo and Baby 5’s shock, the ex-admiral freezes the samurai of the seas, but he is able to break out of the ice. However, he has no desire for a fight with Aokiji, so he changes his plans and escapes with his two subordinates. Before he leaves, however, he asks Kuzan what he really is, since he hasn’t heard anything good about him.

On Buffalo’s back, Doflamingo makes his way back with Baby 5, noting that the faces of a simple wanderer and that of a determined man are easy to distinguish.

Kuzan, who arrived on a giant penguin, explains to Smoker, who has already been doctored, that he never considered only world government and can accomplish much even in his current state. When the Vice Admiral asks what he is looking for on Punk Hazard, the ex-admiral replies that he wants to meet him. Smoker, however, asks him how he knew he had to go to this island then, drawing connections to the underground. The soldiers are shocked by this assumption, whereupon they are sent away by Kuzan. After this happens, he tells Smoker that he is still himself. Also, he should continue to keep an eye on Doflamingo, who is also the king of Dress Rosa in addition to a samurai of the seas, and contact Sakazuki to mobilize the admirals. After all, this could be the trickiest situation Akainu and his new naval headquarters have ever had to deal with. Kuzan then tells the G-5 soldiers not to say anything about his appearance; they agree.

At night, in the middle of the sea: Usopp is worried about being chased now, but Luffy tells him to calm down, since they finally got samurai armor from Kinemon. Meanwhile, the latter demands a fight from Zoro, having recognized the shuusui on his hip. He now accuses him of being responsible for the desecration of the grave of the legendary Ryuma, which shocked all of Wano Country. However, when Sanji distracts Kinemon again by asking for a midnight snack, the samurai inquires about his son. The latter is bathing with Robin to the shock of his father, Sanji’s, and Brook’s. When they finally show anger towards Momonosuke, they are knocked to the ground by Nami. However, the boy, who is allowed to sleep in the girls’ room, actually takes complete advantage of the situation.

When the night has passed, the newspaper finally arrives. In it, it is announced that Donquixote Doflamingo has indeed resigned as Samurai of the Seas as well as King Dress Rosa. But this is not the only news, as the alliance between the Straw Hats and Law and that between the Kid, Hawkins and On Air pirate gangs have also come to light and shock the world. Law, however, cares little for this and thinks they may now concentrate on Doflamingo.

The inhabitants of Dress Rosa are confused by the events, while Donquixote Doflamingo finally receives a call from Law. This is quickly accepted.

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