One Piece Chapter 695


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 17: “A pie lunch for Caribou, the port’s there!”
Old Granny and Caribou are standing outside her house. She has put a pasty lunchbox in his hand and is pointing in the direction of the harbor.


On the shore of the island: Buffalo wonders why their attacks have no effect. As a result, he and Baby 5 launch a joint attack, which Buffalo says no one has been able to dodge yet: Using his ability, he whirls Baby 5 on one of his chains, which in the wake of her Devil Fruit transforms her lower body into a Kusarigama, called Sickle Girl, on Franky, piercing Franky Shogun’s left arm. Grinning, Franky gives his adversaries credit for piercing his armor, but in the same breath declares their attempts null and void, comparing the effectiveness of their attacks to that of a praying mantis trying to attack a battleship. Franky lunges to counterattack and then grabs Baby 5, yanking on the chain and causing Buffalo to lose his balance, hurling them both away. He then announces that the Thousand Sunny’s Gaon Cannon has made landfall and shoots Franky Shogun’s most powerful attack, the General Cannon, which both ultimately face without a chance. Franky then discovers Caesar lying unconscious on the ground. However, both assassins are back on their feet and do not admit defeat. They proclaim they will defend Joker’s name and take Caesar – at any cost.

Emergency exit R66, the end of the tunnel is in sight: Usopp implores Nami to create wind in the face of the supposedly poisonous cloud outside. The kids and the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates cheer as they reach the exit, while Buffalo and Baby 5 are visibly surprised. At the sight of Franky Shogun, all but the females fall into a state of stunned elation. Law immediately recognizes Buffalo and Baby 5, while both wonder if he really wants to defy Joker, even though he holds the “seat of the heart card”, and accuse him of treason because of it. Luffy inquires if these are Law’s friends, to which he clearly denies. Buffalo and Baby 5 realize their strategic disadvantage, capture Caesar, and try to escape. Usopp thinks they should leave it up to him, while Law is about to use his ability, to which Luffy intervenes and tells him Usopp has everything under control; Zoro underlines this by saying not to underestimate Usopp despite his nose. Law advises that their whole plan is at stake if they escape. Nami, in the same breath, reminds Law of their alliance and thus they need to trust each other more. With a sly grin, Nami comments she needs to go on the offensive after all the running away. Both Nami and Usopp pose assuring they are not afraid of injured, ranged enemies, which Zoro in turn comments annoyed. Usopp uses water to grow “Bakun Grass” in his black Kabuto, which begins to eat the gravel lying around. Buffalo asks Baby 5, who is flying on his back, to provide cover when suddenly a giant Weather Egg hovers over them, from which storm clouds hatch, which Nami christens “little thunder.” Baby 5 looks at the clouds with concern, while Nami confidently declares escape futile and launches the Thunder Breed Tempo attack.

Grilled by lightning, Buffalo and the now unconscious Baby 5 fall toward the SAD tanker as Usopp launches Totsugeki Ryuseigun, the debris previously devoured by Bakun Grass, at the minions. Caesar still asks Buffalo to protect him as he can’t move, which Buffalo affirms in his pride as part of the Donquixote family. However, while the stone projectiles hit Buffalo, they fly through Caesar because of his Logia ability and he manages to stay in the air as a result. Visibly enraged, he decides to get to Dress Rosa himself, however Usopp smugly denies this, as his last shot involved sea stone handcuffs that wrap around Caesar’s neck in the next moment. In the background, the marines and children cheer Usopp’s success, who then assures them fleeing enemies who turn their backs can be left to him. As Buffalo, Baby 5, and Caesar fall from the sky, Law declares the first stage of the plan a success.

In the sea: A person wrapped in shadows seems to have overslept and wants to go to Punk Hazard. Who she is, however, remains unclear.

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