One Piece Chapter 694


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 16: “Granny’s Delicious Pie and the Worn Jewels”
Caribou is eating meat pie and tampering with the jewels of the old woman who cared for him. The latter is sitting in a chair in the background, asleep.


On the SAD tanker off the coast of Punk Hazard: Franky Shogun lies on the bottom of the ship’s deck, surrounded by flames after the explosive Missile Girl attack, while Baby 5 puts her body back together and is sure of her victory. Buffalo then inquires if she even needs her weapons he brought back for her, since she wouldn’t need them due to the “Buki Buki no Mi”. In conversation, it turns out she was talked into the weapons because of her need for the feeling of being used. In due time, she receives a warning from Buffalo and is able to dodge a punch from Franky Shogun. She then transforms her upper body into a revolver and fires a shot, but it fails to have any effect.

Caesar Clown, lying injured on the ground with a heart in his hand, realizes that Baby 5 and Buffalo have come to rescue him.

SAD production room: Via Den-den Mushi, Donquixote Doflamingo says a thankful goodbye to Vergo, who has a satisfied grin on his lips, although his head is hanging in two parts on the railing.

Escape route, SAD transport tunnel: The Straw Hat Pirates, including their entourage, are in the SAD freight car, heading for the exit. Momonosuke is still shocked at his father’s condition and flies over to Brook, who mistakes him for an eel. Luffy is trying to placate Momonosuke when the scene is interrupted by an explosion, the origin of which Trafalgar Law locates in the SAD production room. The falling boulders are cleared out of the way by Luffy and Zoro, while Usopp is upset by Law’s composure.

Building C: Mone is in front of the activation terminal with the trigger for the poison gas explosion, which also takes note of the commotion. A series of individual panels shows the individual parties in climactic fashion before Mone, ready to sacrifice herself, says goodbye to Donquixote Doflamingo in her thoughts and opens the cap to the detonator.

Just at that moment, Caesar pierces the supposed heart of Smoker to kill him. While an unharmed Smoker is shown in one panel, in the next Mone collapses spitting blood. She lifts her top with the last of her strength, revealing a cube-shaped hole in her chest underneath. Doflamingo notices via the Den-den Mushi that something is wrong, however before Mone can respond she collapses and dies.

The boxcar continues to pick up speed and the occupants raise their arms in the air, cheering. Smoker inquires of Law why Caesar thought he had his heart. What follows is a flashback with individual core moments that are enlightening: Beginning with the moment Caesar explains the terms of the contract between Law and him, and ending with the exchange of their respective pledges, which consisted of Law’s and Mones’ hearts. After Law defeats Vice Admiral Smoker, he is seen holding two hearts, Mones and Smokers, and exchanging them both. The reminiscence concludes with the scene in which Law presents Smoker’s supposed heart to Caesar as a gift.

Law then tells Smoker that Caesar merely made wrong assumptions and that he kindly returned Mones’ heart. With a sly smile, Law comments on his action with some folk wisdom about good deeds. Following this, he calmly inquires if anyone could create a gust of wind in light of the poisonous gas awaiting them outside, to which Nami responds.

Dress Rosa: A young girl is looking for Doflamingo and asks two elderly people about his whereabouts. The older man directs her to the fourth floor, but when he learns of the abandoned room, he indicates in a somber but calm tone that Doflamingo is alone.

Doflamingo runs through the air over the sea while on the phone with Baby 5, who tells him about Franky Shogun standing in the way and from whom he gets confirmation of the absence of an explosion. He tells Baby 5 and Buffalo to take care of Franky, and announces he is on his way to Punk Hazard himself.

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