One Piece Chapter 691


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates in their Z outfit. Z and many Navy members in their younger years are behind them.


Research Lab, Building B: The children are panicking because the roof is about to collapse. Meanwhile, Zoro and Tashigi have also arrived, but are running towards the G5 soldiers instead of protecting them from behind. Chopper, meanwhile, has treated Mocha as best he can.

Building D, “SAD” production room: Law has cut Vergo up further and attached him to the railing. Vergo finds this punishment cruel and first wonders how he’s supposed to eat breakfast tomorrow. He continues to warn Law about Donquixote Doflamingo, however, noting that he would not be so easily replaced. However, Law remains unfazed by this and eventually heads off with Smoker to join the others. Vergo is left behind in the soon-to-explode room.

Building R, 1st floor: Caesar, who by now looks very worn out from the fight against Luffy, becomes even more desperate when he learns that Law wants to blow up everything. He then contacts the “Secret Room” and orders them to open the air vents immediately to let Shinokuni in.

Although there are still more than a hundred of his own soldiers there, he doesn’t want to wait and even calls them guinea pigs where no one would care anyway if they die. After all, he could replace as many of them as he wanted. In the “Secret Room” Caesar’s men are very upset by his reckless behavior and have now forgotten about Usopp, who wonders if the gates could be controlled from this room as well.

Back with Caesar, his men suddenly begin to believe that his reckless behavior was all for show and all part of his plan. The valves are finally opened and Caesar merges with Shinokuni. Caesar has grown a lot in size due to the merger and looks more menacing than before. He also directly demonstrates his new powers and starts to finish off all of his own men. Slowly it seems to dawn on the remaining men what Caesar’s real person is all about. Luffy wants to lure Caesar away from the others and “escapes” into the passage to building B.

Back in the “Secret Room”: Usopp now makes himself known to Caesar’s men and wants to get to the control panel. However, they have given up all hope and point out that even Luffy has escaped. Usopp then directly makes it clear that he has complete faith in Luffy and that Caesar is one of the very people his captain hates the most. Usopp now gets ready to fight.

Luffy now appears to be going for his final strike. You can see him jumping out of the passage in Gear 3 with his arms still pulled back and yelling at Caesar to stop looking at his face. The latter seems very afraid of the coming attack.

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