One Piece Chapter 690


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 15: “Waking Up Next to an Old Woman”
Caribou wakes up in a bed. Next to him is an old woman asleep in a chair, who has obviously been caring for the injured Caribou.


Building R, 2nd floor “Secret Room”: Luffy’s punch has hit Caesar full on, sending him crashing into the wall. Caesar’s men are worried about their master. When Caesar gets up again, the consequences of Luffy’s blow can be seen: Caesar’s face is quite bent inwards.

Caesar now tries to intimidate Luffy and tells him that he has Donquixote Doflamingo behind him and that Luffy doesn’t know what he is getting himself into. He can still forgive him, however, as long as Luffy apologizes to him.

But at the same moment, Caesar launches an attack called Gastile, firing a beam that his subordinates say can even melt steel. Luffy simply dodges this attack and after a short exchange of words Luffy hits Caesar again with full force in the face.

Research Lab, Building B: Shinokuni continues to make his way and now begins to stream through Building B, which contains the remaining Straw Hats, the Navy, and the children. Five minutes remain before the room is filled with the poison gas. Everyone makes their way to Building R, where Luffy and Caesar are also located.

Kinemon, who is currently on the other side with Brook, thinks that the dragon he killed is his son and runs back towards the deadly gas once more.

Usopp, meanwhile, is in the secret room of Building R, looking for handcuffs. Some of Caesar’s men are also there and recognize Usopp as one of the Straw Hats.

Building D, SAD Production Room: Smoker and Vergo are still fighting. Vergo asks Smoker why he would use his devil powers, since he would be a bigger target for Vergo, and remarks that his bamboo stick filled with haki is a dangerous weapon. He uses this weapon shortly after and lands a heavy hit on Smoker, even breaking Smoker’s jitte. Smoker is now defeated by this blow. Vergo remarks that Smoker needs to get stronger and that he cannot avenge his men with bravery alone. At the same moment you see Law, who has picked himself up and is holding his heart in his hands. Vergo seems a bit shocked at this. Law tells him that this is now his end and that they can’t sit on their throne forever. He then directly addresses Doflamingo, who overheard the entire conversation via his mini Den-den Mushi attached to Vergo.

Now we also learn details of Law’s plan: he will take down Vergo, Doflamingo’s best man, Luffy will take down Caesar, which would prevent him from making SAD. But still, he and Luffy would not act as Doflamingo might suspect.

Vergo, meanwhile, has been getting ready to attack Law. He is now topless and seems to have reinforced his entire body with Haki, giving him a black glow similar to Luffy. However, when he goes to attack Law, he is cut in two by Law.

Law then turns back to Doflamingo and asks him when he will finally get things moving and that two years have already passed since the war. Whitebeard had only put an end to the old era, but the navy was now building up a new force and anyway the war had only been a prelude to a greater event. Now, however, the unstoppable era of the mighty would come, now that Law had destroyed the gears of the old order. Doflamingo’s grin disappears at that.

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