One Piece Chapter 688


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 13: “Divine Punishment”.
Caribou has been caught in a violent storm and shipwrecked. You can see his demolished pirate ship in the background, while he has found refuge in a small lifeboat.


The deadly gas continues to seep into Biscuit’s room with ten minutes left until the entire B Block is contaminated.

In order to catch up with the others and escape the poison gas pouring in, Zoro carries the injured Tashigi on his shoulders, who complains about it in a feminine shrieking mania; she complains that he should lower her as soon as her subordinates are in sight. Her hysterics fade when she takes notice of Zoro’s sword Shuusui, who then shuts her up, quite unnerved.

Meanwhile, in the inner corridor of the 3rd floor of Block B, Nami, Robin and Chopper try to protect Mocha, who is fleeing with the candy, from the children running amok: Nami uses the Milky Ball attack via her Climate Cane to slow the kids down, while Robin uses “Dos Manos” to push one to the ground so Chopper can sedate it. Despite his best efforts, Mocha gets caught by a squad of kids. Two of the kids, Konbu and Biyo, try to snatch the candy from Mocha, who again stresses how harmful the supposed medicine is. The three Straw Hats, who watched this whole scene with horror on their faces, have to watch Mocha stuffing all the candy into herself out of sheer desperation. Chopper is beside himself and a flashback follows.

A few minutes earlier in Biscuits Room: Chopper and Mocha brace themselves against the front door to Biscuits Room to stop the children’s advance. At this, Chopper enlightens Mocha about Caesar Clown’s true intentions: He had knowingly deceived the children about their supposed illness and used them for his military science project. Chopper insists experiments to turn humans into giants were doomed to failure centuries ago. Continuing to eat Caesar’s addictive sweets would not only damage the body, but even lead to death before reaching adulthood. Mocha then recalls the mutual promise she made with her friends to go on adventures with them once they reached adulthood. In the course of this reminiscence, Mocha tremblingly and tearfully realizes the plight of her situation. Overcome in his empathy, Chopper falls to his knees and apologizes for not finding her sooner. He assures her he will not let her die and that Luffy, the future King of the Seas, will defeat Caesar. With these words restored to his confidence, Mocha is tasked by Chopper to guard the deadly candies while Chopper takes it upon himself to sedate the rampaging children.

Back to the present: Mocha is lying on the ground spitting blood surrounded by a crowd of children who are visibly irritated by her condition. Robin, carrying the still battered Chopper in her arms, and Nami rush over. Chopper, furious with rage coupled with grief, is indignant about the danger of the supposed candy and in anger tries to make the children understand that Mocha sacrificed himself for them. He wants to treat them immediately, but Robin has the presence of mind to say that they should take advantage of the moment and first keep the children, who are in a state of shock, quiet.

At that moment, Sanji and the G-5 Marines rush over and overpower the children, who are then given sedative injections. Chopper then has the badly injured Mocha carried to a nearby examination room. Through tears, he speaks well to her, praises her for what she has done, and assures her that he will save her.

Block C, 1st floor: Luffy climbs out of the hatch to the trash room with the exhausted Momonosuke on his shoulders in front of Caesar’s henchmen. After Luffy grabs one of the henchmen by the collar and inquires about Caesar’s whereabouts, he directs him to Building R.

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