One Piece Chapter 686


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 11: “Save Brother!!!”
Coribou uses his shovel to cut through the already burning stake Caribou was tied to. The latter cries with happiness.


Block B, Biscuits Room: Zoro and Mone cross blades. Nami, with Chopper in her arms, and Robin try to stop the kids. Chopper blames himself for putting Mocha in danger.

At the same time, the children run out of the room after Mocha. The latter is still in possession of Caesar’s sweets and does not want to give them to the others under any circumstances, as they are very dangerous. Mocha remembers her first encounter with Caesar, where he explained that he had lost his only son to a disease. She and the other children were definitely not to suffer from this disease as well, and from then on they were treated by Caesar. She realizes that it was all a lie and begs the others to return to normal.

Biscuits Room: Nami, Chopper and Robin are also about to leave the room when Mone attacks them. Zoro is able to block the attack and asks her why she goes after the weaker ones. Nami has realized that Mone has a Snow Devil Fruit and uses her Climate Act Stick. She melts one of Mone’s wings with Heat Egg and is about to flee the room with the others. Mone recognizes the thieving cat and uses a snow barrier to seal the exit from Biscuits Room, then next encases Nami herself in snow. She transforms into a giant snow monster and attacks the Navigator and Reindeer. Robin is able to save them with her devil powers and destroy the snow monster.

Mone has changed back and explains that she must protect Caesar Clown and his experiments. She asks who made Mocha rebel against her. Chopper is furious and says that the kids asked her to save them on her own. Zoro cuts the snow barrier, allowing the other three Straw Hats to escape the room. Mone chides them for taking care of the kids every day like parents and now they’re just being stolen by pirates, but Zoro doesn’t see a problem with that. Mone transforms their wings into blades and says they shouldn’t interfere with their mission. On her next attack, Mone notices that Zoro has just been deflecting her attacks for a while instead of attacking her. He still owes her an answer.

In the next moment, Sanji and the marines arrive at Biscuits Room. Zoro informs Sanji of the whereabouts of Nami and Robin. The marines, on the other hand, have spotted Mone and compliment her on being a harpy, but still very cute. The latter then embarrassingly holds her wings in front of her face. Despite her flattery, Mone envelops the marines in her snow and once again transforms into a snow monster. She will not forgive anyone who takes her children away from her. She then bites one marine in the shoulder. The others try to stop the snow woman using rifle bullets. However, they discover that Mone has a Logia Devil Fruit and the bullets have no effect. Suddenly, Tashigi appears and attacks Mone with Haki. She and some other soldiers have blocked the entrance to Biscuits Room with boards to prevent the gas from entering. Still, they don’t have time, as the gas could enter elsewhere anyway. While Tashigi wants to take care of Mone, the marines are supposed to go after the kids. Zoro seems outraged.

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