One Piece Chapter 685


The Straw Hat Pirates runs through a jack-o’-lantern landscape in Halloween costumes. Some ghosts fly around them and accompany them. The motto is “Dead or Treat”.


Block C, Lab Waste Room: Luffy meets Momonosuke, who has the appearance of a dragon. Momonosuke becomes angry because Luffy sees him as a source of food. He declares that he is not fit for his consumption and would rather eat him than be eaten himself. Suddenly, Momonosuke’s stomach growls and Luffy realizes that he is hungry. However, the latter vehemently denies it, as a warrior’s stomach is never starved just because he hasn’t eaten in ten days. Momonosuke asks his name and Luffy introduces himself as the future Pirate King. He’s surprised because he thought pirates were huge hulks. The next moment, Luffy wonders what they should do now, and Momonosuke realizes he’s just as much an outsider. This facility is for sick children, but he doesn’t know anything specific about the island himself. He only ended up on Punk Hazard because he snuck onto a boat.

Review: Momonosuke’s stomach growls and a girl offers him something to eat. However, the latter explains that as a samurai, he does not accept charity from others. He repeatedly refuses to accept anything from the other children or to eat from Caesar’s candy. At some point, Caesar’s subordinates realize that Momonosuke has escaped. He makes it to the Secret Room, where he sees a strange-looking fruit in a container, which he ends up eating. At that moment, a girl appears and tells him that they are not allowed in that room. Momonosuke has to leave the facility, though, because he has something to do. The girl says they all want to go home, but not everything here is bad, like Biscuits Room. Suddenly, Caesar’s men show up. The girl is able to hide, but just like the subordinates, sees Momonosuke turn into a dragon and flee. Caesar’s subordinates discover that the fruit Momonosuke ate was a devil fruit artificially created by Vegapunk. However, this one was a failure.

Present: Luffy realizes that Momonosuke ate a devil fruit and asks him why he doesn’t turn back into a human. Momonosuke is confused and asks how. But Luffy is stumped because he’s not a Zoan user. He looks up and can’t even see the ceiling. Momonosuke also wants to escape from the hole because he overheard from Caesar that all the kids will be dead in five years if the experiment with the drugs continues. When he tried to warn the kids, Momonosuke ended up in that hole. Luffy is very angry and wants to escape immediately. He tells the dragon to hold onto him as he climbs the walls. Momonosuke collapses, however, and Luffy tells him to pull himself together. At these words, Donquixote Doflamingo’s silhouette appears in Momonosuke’s mind. He is so startled by this that he begins to fly. Luffy is thrilled and attaches himself to him.

Block B: Usopp, Brook, and Kinemon have separated from the others to search for sea stone handcuffs at Robin’s request.

Block D, SAD Room: Law watches as Smoker lands a hit to the face on Vergo.

Block B, near Biscuits Room: Sanji kicks the marines from G-5 towards the Biscuits Room so they don’t get caught by Shinokuni.

Block B, Biscuits Room: Mone has created a blizzard. The kids are still trying to reach Mocha to get to the candy. When Robin tries to help her, she is attacked by Mone. Zoro recognizes a Logia-type devil power user in Mone and wants to take care of her. Zoro and Mone clash.

20 minutes until B Block is completely filled with the deadly gas.

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