One Piece Chapter 684


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 10: “Caribou’s Pirates vs. Marine G-5.”
The Caribou pirates including Coribou have come to rescue their captain Caribou and fight against the soldiers of Marine Base G-5.


Block D, SAD room: Smoker asks Vergo what kind of room they are in, since Smoker doesn’t know the term SAD. Vergo simply replies to Smoker that he doesn’t need to know. After Smoker tells Vergo to keep his hands off Smoker’s subordinates, Smoker attacks Vergo. Vergo deflects Smoker’s attack with a bamboo stick. After a brief exchange of words, Vergo blows up the bamboo stick and shoots something at Smoker. The impact of the projectile causes an explosion, but Smoker emerges unharmed behind Vergo in the next moment. After another maneuver, Smoker manages to punch Vergo in the face. Afterwards, Smoker once again tells him to leave his subordinates alone.

Block B: Sanji, Tashigi and the G-5 soldiers come into the room, which has already been almost destroyed by the dragon. Tashigi tells the soldiers not to befriend Sanji because he is still an enemy. However, they say that they admire Sanji because he protected them from Vergo. Suddenly, everyone is rocked by an explosion. A hole has formed in the room and Shinokuni gas enters the room. Immediately, they all flee towards Room R.

Caesar is watching from a surveillance room. His plan is to close all the connecting gates, except for the ones leading to room R. After all the gates are closed and all the people escape into room R, he wants to lock it as well and then kill all the people in the room with the gas he can get in there.

When asked by his subordinates who caused the accident four years ago on Punk Hazard, Caesar replies that Vegapunk was to blame. He then tells his subordinates a tall tale, which his subordinates believe, as intelligence is apparently not one of their strengths. Afterwards, the subordinates celebrate Caesar and apologize for accusing him of this accident.

Review: Caesar is experimenting on a gas weapon when he learns from Vegapunk that he is fired. The reason is his experiments are too dangerous. In his disappointment, Caesar presses a button which releases the gas, blowing up the entire lab.

Present: The connecting doors “C to B” and “D to B” have just been closed.

Block C, Lab Waste Room: Luffy encounters a talking dragon.

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