One Piece Chapter 683


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 9: “Fighting G-5 to Save My Brother.”
Coribou shows up with his crew to rescue Caribou. The latter has already been tied to a stake on a pyre and shouts to his brother for them to hurry. Yarisugi is about to light the pyre and glares at the pirates.


Block B, Checkup Room: Caesar Clown’s subordinate inquires where the girl saw the boy who turned into a dragon. She explains that she secretly looked in the Secret Room. She is told the boy is probably in another room now, so she need not worry about him. However, she is told not to tell anyone about it.

Block C, Caesar’s Lab: Mone has Luffy locked in a ten layer snow hut. She passes the snow hut with her body and tells him that it can’t be destroyed that easily. Luffy is furious because she’s just stalling and can’t beat him anyway. Mone admits to being outmatched by him in a straight fight, but he shouldn’t mistake victory for fighting ability. In the next moment, Mone hugs Luffy with her wings and he notices how cold she is. She wants to drain his power with her coldness and put him to sleep. Just before Luffy closes his eyes completely, he regains consciousness and tears a hole in the ground with his gum-gum jet spear. Mone is surprised and Luffy falls through the hole into the trash room of the lab. Mone is sure he can’t get out of there even if he could fly.

Block B, across from the Biscuits Room: Chopper tries to stop the aggressive kids in his monster form, but has trouble because they fight back and he doesn’t want to hurt them. Chopper’s Rumble Ball loses its effect and the kids run towards the Biscuits Room. The reindeer is suddenly picked up by Nami, who comes to support him with Usopp, Brook, Zoro, Robin, and Kinemon. Chopper explains to them that the kids must not reach Biscuits Room or they will continue to consume the drugs. Caesar plans to turn them into giants and strong fighters. Therefore, Robin uses her devil powers and creates two giant hands to block the kids’ way. Meanwhile, Chopper explains to Nami that a girl named Mocha is trying to help him. It defends the candy in Biscuits Room.

By force, the kids make it through Robin’s barricade and into Biscuits Room. They run towards Mocha, who tries to convince the others to stop. Otherwise, they would never be able to return home. The kids don’t listen to Mocha and herd them all the way to the exit. However, this is blocked by Mone, who advises the girl to share the sweets with the others.

Block D, SAD Room: Trafalgar Law fights Vergo. He creates a “Room” and gets to his heart using “Shambles”. Vergo immediately punches Law in the face and gets the heart back. He squeezes it, causing Law to cry out in pain. Vergo attacks him with more hard punches. Law applies Counter Shock and Vergo spits blood but stays upright. He delivers a message from Joker to the Samurai of the Seas, “What a shame.” Law explains that he was able to get his heart back from Caesar, but didn’t count on Vergo. The latter gets angry and demands that he address him as Vergo-san. He squeezes the heart back together, which now collapses. At this moment Vice Admiral Smoker appears, whom Vergo wants to silence forever. Smoker then calls him a pirate.

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