One Piece Chapter 682


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 8: “Flotilla Admiral Yarisugi has a few too many thoughts”
Yarisugi has thoughts about what he could do with Caribou. The other marines seem to have such thoughts as well, as they bring wood for an execution.


Law is in block D of Caesar’s laboratory and has just entered a room in which a large container with the inscription “SAD” can be found. You can also see a lot of other technical equipment, which is reminiscent of a chemistry lab. As Law looks at the SAD container, you can see a mischievous smile on his lips.

The scene changes to the passage leading to Block B. The marines and Tashigi are there. On Caesar’s orders, the gate to Block B has closed and the marines are worried about Sanji, who they thought was still behind the gate. However, the latter appears only a few seconds after the gate has closed. There is talk about Vergo for a short while until Tashigi points out that they should save the children now instead of worrying about Vergo further.

Vergo also escaped the gas and is currently in B Block. Via a Den-den Mushi, he talks to Donquixote Doflamingo, who is in Dress Rosa, an island in the New World. Vergo tells Flamingo that Law is in the SAD production room, to which Flamingo says that Vergo should destroy the room. Suddenly, a woman named Baby 5 appears in front of Flamingo, firing a cannon – which appears to be coming out of her arm – at him. Flamingo doesn’t seem impressed by this and continues to talk to Vergo about how Caesar is the only one who knows how to produce SAD. Baby 5 attacks Flamingo once again, however he is able to dodge her attack once more. Now one of Flamingo’s crew members interferes by shooting her with a gun. Another member tries to calm Baby 5 down. Subsequently, Flamingo asks Vergo to kill Law as cruelly as possible. In addition, Flamingo tells Caesar and Mone to be careful with Luffy since he possesses the King Shaki. Flamingo also tells them that he is sending Baby 5 and Buffalo to Punk Hazard as reinforcements, and that everyone should come back to Dress Rosa once things have been taken care of on Punk Hazard.

The scene switches back to Block B and Brownbeard, Kinemon and the Straw Hats. They are in a large room where a dragon has already destroyed things and set them on fire. Brook and Kinemon fight over who gets to defeat the dragon until Nami electrocutes him, Usopp attacks him with Green Star: Rafflesia, and Robin breaks his bones with Cuarenta Fleurs, Cuatro Mano, Hold. That doesn’t seem to have been enough though, prompting Brook and Kinemon to attack the dragon. Brook uses “Gavotte Bond Avant” and Kinemon uses “Karyuu Issen.” The dragon now seems to be defeated for good, but Kinemon still seems very depressed, at which point Brook asks him if he wanted revenge for his family, which Brook wasn’t entirely wrong about. Even at this moment, the group spots Chopper on a higher plane. The latter is busy fighting the children Caesar is holding captive. Moreover, Chopper is already transformed into his monster form.

The scene changes again to another part of Block B, called the “Checkup Room”. There, several of Caesar’s subordinates are seen telling a child that his check is over and that he should go back to the “Biscuits Room” where he will get his candy. Another child then becomes the subject in the room. The child has gone into the forbidden room “Secret Room” and has turned into a small dragon. The child’s name is Momonosuke!

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