One Piece Chapter 681


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 7: “Arriving at the derelict Naval Base G-5.”
Jinbe shows up with Caribou in front of Naval Base G-5.


Caesar is spitting blood after being hit by Luffy’s hard attack. In a flashback, Smoker is seen reminding himself that he must obey Law while on this island. Additionally, Law has also informed him that he must not act until Law has his heart back. Furthermore, Smoker wonders where Vergo is because he is not with Caesar.

The fight between Luffy and Caesar goes to the next round. Luffy tries to grab Caesar, but he deftly dodges. As a result, Caesar causes a large explosion by combining his gas with fire – in the form of two burning matches – and refers to this attack as “Miok Gas”. After Luffy dodges this attack, Caesar asks him why he is attacking him. Luffy explains his motives to Caesar before the fight continues. Caesar uses an attack called “Karakuni”, which robs Luffy of his breath. He quickly moves to safety by keeping his distance from Caesar, as Caesar’s attack only works within a certain radius. After another unsuccessful attack from Luffy, Caesar creates an oxygen sword, which he calls a “blue sword”. He attacks Luffy with it, but Luffy manages to dodge it again before appearing behind Caesar and attacking him with his “Gomu Gomu no Jet Gatling” attack.

Mone interferes in the fight. Before Luffy’s attack could hit Caesar, she used her ability “Kamakura” to build a kind of wall around Caesar, which resembles the shape of an igloo. She now puts herself between Luffy and Caesar, allowing Caesar to escape. Luffy wants to follow him, but Mone stops him, saying that Joker will kill her if anything happens to Caesar. Luffy asks Mone about Joker, but gets no answer.

Sanji and Vergo engage in a fierce battle while the G-5 soldiers wonder why they were saved by Sanji. Sanji attacks Vergo with an attack called Flanchet Strike, which results in Vergo being kicked into the wall. Sanji tells the soldiers and Tashigi to run. Surprised, they find that the gate that protected them from the gas opens. The soldiers and Tashigi flee and the fight between Sanji and Vergo continues. Vergo attacks Sanji with a hard kick that causes Sanji to get cracks in his foot. After another exchange of blows, the marines tell Sanji to run from the gas so he won’t get hit by it.

A message over loudspeakers can be heard throughout the lab. It is reported that Trafalgar Law is inside the SAD production room. Caesar wonders if Law is crazy, as he is putting himself in danger by his actions. Mone seems to know what Law is trying to accomplish by kidnapping Caesar and “SAD. Vergo says that Law only became a samurai so he could get into the SAD room. Furthermore, Vergo tells him that Law is planning what is probably the worst possible scenario by wanting to throw the New World into chaos.

You see Law with a smile like you’ve never seen on him before.

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