One Piece Chapter 680


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 6: “At the Fish Man’s Speed to Faraway Waters!!!”
Jinbe simply pulls the boat with Caribou into the depths at high speed, so that the latter’s band of pirates can no longer pursue them.


Meanwhile, the entire Straw Hat gang, including Kinemon, has made themselves comfortable on Brownbeard and is using him as a means of transportation, much to his displeasure. However, he thinks that once they reach the soldiers’ base, he’ll part ways with them anyway.

Meanwhile, Tashigi doesn’t have much time to mourn the fallen soldiers. They must make it off the island to report the events to headquarters. Suddenly they are attacked by the small dragon, which shows amazing powers. Suddenly, however, that one seems to be running from something. The soldiers are delighted: The head of the G-5 base, Vice Admiral Vergo has appeared! Tashigi, who already knows his true character, can’t warn her men in time, though, because Donquixote Doflamingo’s subordinate, who has infiltrated the navy, already starts slaughtering the soldiers with Shigan. The captain remembers how nice Vergo once was and tries to attack him afterwards, but is simply knocked to the ground. Her men can’t believe it and think they have a fake on their hands. While Tashigi desperately hopes for Smoker’s help, Sanji suddenly appears and kicks Vergo aside. He thinks he heard a maiden’s tears fall.

Further ahead on Brownbeard, Usopp wonders why Sanji had dashed to the back. Zoro explains to him that an unknown presence had appeared. Suddenly, the dragon, whose tranquilizers had already lost their effect, appears above them as well. The smaller dragons were created later by Vegapunk and are faster and tougher.

Caesar Clown, meanwhile, is upset by Vergo’s high-handed actions and also orders the passage between buildings A and B to be closed off and Shinokuni to be let in. He doesn’t care about the survival of his ally.

Meanwhile, Luffy and Smoker are standing outside the scientist’s lab. After the pirate has recovered from the long race, the vice admiral rings the doorbell, which opens the door. To Smoker’s displeasure, however, only Luffy’s target, Caesar, is there, whom he immediately declares war on with a powerful punch.

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