One Piece Chapter 679


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 5: “Coribou Shows Up”
Coribou and the rest of the Caribou pirate gang rush after Caribou, who was taken away by Jinbe, on their ship.


Caesar Clown is pleased to note that Shinokuni has enveloped the entire island. But he nowhere sees the marines or his prisoners in the cage. Vergo immediately sees their escape. One of Caesar’s subordinates confirms the suspicion, to the scientist’s shock. Chopper, meanwhile, sneaks out of the room. He didn’t interfere because of the note that was thrown at him, and he’s already gotten hold of a cure for the drug.

Caesar knows what the intruders will do now and orders the connection between building A and B to be cut off and the poison gas to be let into the sealed off area, even if there are still subordinates of his there. He thinks the audience hasn’t seen enough of his scientific talent. Vergo, however, thinks Caesar is just taking out small fry with this plan and sets out to take out Smoker, Law, and the rest himself.

Luffy continues to hurry unstoppably towards Caesars, already leaving Building A, whose gate is beginning to close. Smoker and Law have already reached it as well.

Still in the lobby of Building A, G-5’s marines try to stop the Straw Hat Pirates, but Zoro, Brook, and Kinemon fight back. Brownbeard meanwhile wonders why they brought the dragon. This one was given to tranquilizers, but the former pirate doubts whether its presence bodes well. The soldiers want to keep blocking the way of the Straw Hats, but Tashigi interferes and lets the pirates through after a short conversation with Zoro. The navy captain knows that the gate is closing, so they all start running towards building B. In the meantime, however, a hole is blown in the wall, allowing Shinokuni to enter.

The Straw Hats including Brownbeard and Kinemon manage to get through the gate at the last second and Tashigi is also thrown through the gate in time. However, she wants to turn back immediately, as there are still some of her soldiers in building A. They were able to save their captain in time, but it was already too late for herself. Thumbs up in victory poses, the lifeless bodies of the soldiers now stand encased in poison gas as the gate closes in front of them. Tashigi is in tears.

Meanwhile, Caesar is already planning how to get rid of the rest of the survivors.

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