One Piece Chapter 676


Color Spread: The Straw Hat Pirates flies over a city. Chopper rides a lion with a top hat and a wine glass, Nami takes a bath in a teacup. Sanji brings her new towels and Franky hands Brook new food. He, Zoro, Usopp, Robin, and Luffy fly in another large teacup enjoying food and drink while Luffy, with a crown on his head and a large magnifying glass, takes a look down into the city.


Smiley has eaten the huge candy. Caesar is happy about this and awaits Smiley’s “rebirth”. Meanwhile, Caesar’s subordinates run away from the monster in panic, along with Zoro, Sanji, Brook, and Kinemon, though no one knows why at first.

Smiley’s: In a box right next to Smiley is a bag of apples, one of which deforms and takes on the typical spiral patterns of a devil fruit.

Immediately after, Smiley begins to turn into gas and spreads out in all directions. So fast that it has already caught up with Caesar’s fleeing subordinates. One of them is caught by the gas cloud, whereupon he suddenly freezes. Caesar explains that after poisoning, a person can usually still run and thus escape. That is why he invented a poison that covers the body like ash, passes through the skin and paralyses it instantly.

In various parts of the New World, watch as more and more people are frozen by the poisonous cloud.

Outside Caesar’s Lab: The Marines at the G-5 Naval Base are watching the same video on a giant screen and realize that disaster is happening on the island they are on.

In the meantime the cloud has captured all of Caesar’s subordinates, so that only Zoro and Co. are running away from it. They notice the dragon that had previously escaped Caesar’s men and try to catch it so they can fly away with it.

In Caesar’s lab: Luffy sees Zoro and the others running away from the cloud on a screen and tries to warn them. Caesar explains that they don’t stand a chance and no one outside the lab will survive. In response, the cage containing Luffy and the other prisoners is propelled outside by a rotating mechanism. Caesar sets out to prove that neither a pirate with a bounty of 400,000,000 million berries, nor a naval vice admiral, nor a samurai of the seas is safe from Shinokuni. Chopper, hiding in the lab, is freaking out inside until a crumpled up piece of paper falls on his head. It says not to do anything, but Chopper doesn’t know who the message is from.

Outside: The marines see their superiors in the cage and don’t know what to do. While everyone agrees that they now have a problem, Law explains to Luffy that even though they weren’t expecting Vergo’s appearance, the plan still holds and they can now launch a counterattack.

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