One Piece Chapter 675


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 2: “But who will run away, mermaids?!”
Caribou lets some panicked mermaids sink into his swamp.


The marines watch from the front of Caesar Clown’s research base as Caesar lands his flying ship on an elevated platform. The children, who also flew along, and Caesar exit the ship. The children beg the scientist to give them candy, which is actually drugs, because their heads hurt. With this, Caesar agrees completely and sends them to the “Biscuits Room”. He also orders that once the children are in the room, it be locked. However, Mocha, one of the kids, doesn’t want to go with the other kids because she has to think about Usopp and Nami who shouted to the kids not to go with Caesar. She screams for help because of this.

Meanwhile, Nami is able to get back up in Sanji’s body and immediately thanks him as well, as she was only able to survive due to the sturdy build of his body. Usopp was also able to survive the attack, albeit badly wounded.

Caesar has reached the lab and immediately apologizes to Vergo for keeping him waiting. Vergo replies that it’s okay and asks the scientist when the experiment will start. He answers soon and adds that Vergo should keep his subordinates away from him and Punk Hazard.

Caesar goes to the jailed Law and says that their trade is very useful to him. In order to stay on Punk Hazard, Law had to both give Caesar’s ally legs to run on, and trade his heart for Mone’s. Law was fine with that. This heart swap allowed Vergo to get to Law’s heart, allowing him to overpower Law just by squeezing his heart. This he repeats, causing Law to collapse again in pain. Caesar thinks he knows everything, so he also knew about Law’s plan since Mone spied on him. Law counters that he should have been more careful in front of Mone, but didn’t because he thought her master, namely Caesar, was stupid. Caesar, outraged by this, grabs Law’s heart and squeezes it once again. Although Law takes a beating again, he perseveres through this. Luffy, too, is taken aback by this. Smoker, in Tashigi’s body, is annoyed at this huge advantage for Caesar and Vergo and asks where his heart is. Caesar shows it to him.

But he is interrupted by Mone, who announces that everything is ready. Via video telescreens the proceedings are transmitted to Punk Hazard. The first thing shown is a giant candy placed on the central part of the island. Potential buyers watch the broadcast from various locations around the New World. Next, Caesar reports on Smiley, who is in the process of assembling small pieces and heading to the central part of Ice Land. This one is the H2S gas, a bomb, created from poisonous gas and tried to wipe out Punk Hazard four years ago. But there was the problem that this poison was not strong enough, which is why people escaped. Caesar wants to turn Smiley into a perfect weapon of mass destruction with the help of a “bait”. This is called Shinokuni.

Meanwhile, Zoro, Sanji in Nami’s body, Brook and Kinemon flee from Smiley, who is still composing himself. They notice the giant candy in front of them. Underneath it are Caesar’s subordinates, who still need to prepare something. Caesar the scientist wants the subordinates to go back with the sled pulled by a dragon as soon as they are done with the preparations. However, Smiley has managed to melt the sled. To make matters worse, the dragon escapes as well. Caesar orders his subordinates to run to the lab. He himself is delighted to meet Smiley again. But Smiley ignores him and eats the giant candy.

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