One Piece Chapter 674


Caribou’s Kehihihi in the New World, Part 1: “Cries in Mermaid Cove”.
A loud scream is heard on Mermaid Bay. In the background, you can see mermaids fleeing from Caribou.


Usopp and Nami are shocked at Caesar Clown’s appearance. The navigator is so angry about what he did to the children that she immediately yells at him. But the scientist is merely making fun of her, while he can easily lure the children back to him through the dependency he has created. They are already hallucinating as well and on their way they also attack the two straw hats. However, since the children are mere victims, Nami stops Usopp from firing at those. Instead, he attacks Caesar with a “Firebird Star”, but the attack remains ineffective against the Gas Man. Using his devilish power, the Logia user can also manipulate the air around him. Thus he deprives the oxygen, whereby Nami and Usopp get no more air and go to the ground. To be on the safe side, he doesn’t want to give the kids the NHC10-enriched candy until later and orders them to kill the immobilized Straw Hats now. At the last moment, however, the reawakened Brownbeard stops them and savagely attacks Caesar. He now knows of the latter’s true character and demands the return of his crew. Crown, however, only makes fun of him and takes him out – as well as the resurrected Straw Hats – with his attack “Gastanet”.

Caesar disappears with the children on his flying ship. He contacts Mone via Den-den Mushi and asks her if the preparations for Smiley’s feeding are completed, which she answers in the affirmative. Afterwards she is to connect him to the global transmission system. With that, Punk Hazard is transmitted to various criminals via video Den-den Mushis. Caesar thinks that the poison gas weapon from four years ago has now been made even more effective and that he will now try it out on the intruders who appeared today. It can be used for a variety of purposes and the audience is welcome to purchase it if they wish.

On various sites in the New World, criminals watch the transmission. Among them are Pekoms and Tamago, and the Eustass Kid. The latter is not interested in such weapons, but finds it important to know about them.

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