One Piece Chapter 673


Brook dances with a dinosaur skeleton in a museum, which the night watchman Usopp overhears in amazement.


On a New World island, the parents of children kidnapped by Caesar Clown beg the resident soldiers of the G-5 Navy to search for them again. When they also ask to speak to Captain Tashigi, Flotilla Admiral Yarisugi becomes enraged and threatens to destroy the city if they beg again. After all, Vice Admiral Vergo had already confirmed several times that the children had died in a shipwreck. He had already saved the town from pirates once, and since the story of their offspring’s demise is too implausible, the parents can’t believe he really investigated. In any case, they are convinced that the children are alive.

Punk Hazard: At Nami and Usopp’s house, the kids have woken up again and are going crazy due to withdrawal symptoms and demand their candy. The two straw hats don’t know what to do, but Caesar Clown shows up at that moment, trying to lure the minors back with the candy they just demanded.

Meanwhile, Zoro, Sanji, Brook, and Kinemon flee from the Slime, who is still inching his way across the central lake. He is Crown’s pet named Smiley and was given the salamander fruit, model: axolotl enriched. The Straw Hats and Kinemon rush to the lab as fast as they can to save Momonosuke.

Outside the research base, Smoker’s men try in vain to break into the building to rescue the Vice Admiral along with Tashigi. They are also unable to escape and the Slime may also cause them problems.

Inside, Vergo asks Mone what Crown is up to. She doesn’t know anything specific, but since he released Smiley, he may be planning a grand experiment. The corrupt head of the G-5 naval base says he’d love to watch it happen, even if all the soldiers outside die. This enrages Smoker, who is locked in a cell not far away along with Tashigi, Luffy, Robin, Franky, and Law. Anyway, the “White Hunter” is shocked that the leader of his naval base is behind the cover-up. Law knows that Vergo used to be a pirate under “Joker,” who ordered him to join the Navy 15 years ago. He says that now that they know his true intentions, he has to kill Smoker and Tashigi and then have them make it look like an accident again. Luffy asks Law who this “Joker” is. The captain of the Heart pirate gang used to be one of his subordinates himself. “Joker” is just a synonym he uses in the underworld. His true identity is the samurai of the seas, Donquixote Doflamingo!

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