One Piece Chapter 672


Zoro and Sanji compete in a race, with Zoro carrying a hare and Sanji carrying a turtle on his back.


The mysterious man is Vergo, who, out of mistrust for Caesar, has infiltrated Mone into his lab to spy on him. After a short conversation about Vergo’s appearance, Law goes on the attack, but is defeated by him without much difficulty.

Outside the laboratory, all the straw hats present, as well as Smoker and also Tashigi, have fainted. While Caesar is being celebrated by his followers, he gives the order to tie up all prisoners and to put all devil fruit users in sea stone chains.

At the lake, Sanji is still underwater, searching for the samurai’s torso. Meanwhile, Smiley rears up in front of the straw hats remaining on land. Meanwhile, Sanji finds the missing torso in the mouth of a shark, which he is able to defeat after a short fight and thus take the torso. As the Straw Hats also discover on land, the water color has changed to a poisonous color, which Sanji is also confronted with. Using Blue Walk, he makes his way to the surface of the water after doubting Nami’s body could survive such a layer of poison. While Sanji nearly freezes to death, the samurai, who goes by the name Kinemon of Foxfire, kneels down in front of Sanji and tearfully thanks him. By now, however, the group has been surrounded by Smiley. Kinemon, however, promises salvation through the abilities of his sword, with which he first detonates the Slime and then uses a technique to cut the fire caused by the explosion. Zoro is taken with this ability and finds interest in the samurai.

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