One Piece Chapter 671


Chopper pulls a pumpkin cart while Nami, in a gorgeous dress, carries a large sack of money. Two mice accompany her, who also have a sack of money and a chest.


Zoro, Sanji, Brook and the Samurai are still standing in front of the large slime creature. Brook says that this creature is called Slime, as he read about a similar creature in a very salacious book. While Sanji and the samurai would like to read the book sometime as well, Zoro directs their attention to the lake. There are dead fish floating on the surface there, as the slime is apparently toxic. In order to save the samurai’s upper body, Sanji – still in Nami’s body – immediately jumps into the lake to search for the same before the lake becomes too toxic. He asks that the others watch for the slime’s activity.

In the lab: Law meets Mone. He asks about Caesar’s whereabouts and learns that he is not there. Seeing his chance, he tells Mone that he’s leaving soon and would like her by his side. Thinking it’s a date, she agrees and follows him. Law, as he leaves the room with her, leaves his bag behind, in which Chopper is hiding.

Outside the lab: Luffy is still holding Caesar tightly. Robin notes that this is possible due to the armor haki, but that Caesar could still turn into gas since haki doesn’t act exactly like a sea stone. Caesar then turns into gas and manages to make Luffy inhale a large amount of gas. He is sure that Luffy will now die, while the latter seems to have no problems with the gas. Luffy thinks that he is immune to poison because of his run-in with Magellan. Caesar is incensed and says that he doesn’t want to be compared to this Paramecia user. A brief exchange of blows ensues. Caesar now orders the slime to attach itself to Luffy and explode. Everyone in the perimeter is puzzled that the slime is listening to Caesar. The slime attacks Luffy and an enormous explosion is unleashed. Caesar is pleased to have defeated Luffy, however he emerges unscathed behind Crown and knocks him to the ground. He grabs Caesar by the lapels and shouts triumphantly that he has finally caught him. Turning to Robin and Franky, he asks how they might now tie up this Logia user. The attendant marines, however, want to arrest Caesar and take him away, and the same, of course, goes for the Straw Hat Pirates. At that moment, Luffy collapses, unconscious. Crown stands up triumphantly, saying that Luffy must have underestimated him. All bystanders are visibly puzzled.

In the lab: Law and Mone are walking down a hallway when Law, seemingly in a lot of pain, grabs his heart and goes down. Law asks who is here as a man approaches, which causes Law to be horrified. Mone seems to know the man and finds the scene amusing. The man, whose face can’t be seen, talks to Law and says that it’s been a long time since they met and Law has really grown up.

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