One Piece Chapter 669


Vivi tends to a sick frog while Luffy plays with Karoo in the rain.


Zoro, Sanji – in Nami’s body – and Brook have awakened and are looking for the samurai. They chat about the events of the last hour.

One hour earlier: During their search they discover the huge footprints of the brothers Scotch and Rock. Being adventurous, they follow them to the edge of a cliff. At that moment, they spot the brothers’ shadowy outlines and are hit by a gas bomb, which leaves them drunk and tired. Bullets from the brothers Scotch and Rock cause the cliff to collapse and Zoro, Sanji, and Brook are in danger of falling into an area full of icicles and being impaled. Zoro, the only one still awake, manages to make the landing of the three safe with a sword thrust before he too falls asleep. Subordinates of Caesar Clown find the three and want to take them to Crown’s lab. However, Sanji awakens and takes them all out. He cautions himself not to be too hard on Nami’s body, however. He then wakes up his fellow soldiers.

Back in the present: the three are still looking for the samurai, who is most likely looking for his own torso. Ironically, they find him by climbing on top of him. He has collapsed, unable to move, and nearly froze to death, as his torso apparently fell into the lake, and thus, as a Devil Fruit user, he lost his power. The group decides to go to the lake to dive for the samurai’s body. He sincerely thanks them for doing so. On their way, they come across more of Crown’s subordinates, who seem to be running away in panic from something. They call it a monster and want to tell Crown about it. In front of Sanji, Zoro, Brook and the samurai, a huge black mountain looms in the distance.

Crown’s Lab: Crown talks about how he collected the gas that enveloped the island four years ago and pressed it. This is what created this slime.

Outside Crown’s Lab: The marines were able to capture a ship. Some soldiers make their way to headquarters to report what happened, while Smoker, in Tashigi’s body, and Tashigi, in Smoker’s body, stay behind with other soldiers and fight Crown’s subordinates to allow their fellow soldiers to depart safely. Smoker wants to enter the lab to confront Caesar.

At the back of the lab: Law and Chopper, who is hiding in Law’s pouch, enter the lab. Law wants to lure Caesar and Mone out of the lab so Chopper has enough time to research the drugs. When Chopper asks Law why he doesn’t catch Caesar himself, Law simply replies that he has a problem and that’s why he can’t do it.

Outside the lab: Tashigi spots a projectile approaching the battlefield. The projectile turns out to be Luffy, on which Robin and Franky are sitting. They end up in the middle of the fighting. Luffy now calls out to Caesar. Law, who had been watching the whole scene, is horrified that Luffy is taking such offensive action. Smoker is also horrified to have the Straw Hat Pirates in front of him.


The cover motif was requested by Yusaku Shibata (芝田優作), who was a former assistant to Eiichiro Oda and is now a mangaka himself, and has already had a series titled Yoakemono published in the Weekly Shōnen Jump, though it was discontinued after 17 chapters.

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