One Piece Chapter 668


From the ship decks of the world, last part: “Whitebeard and Ace’s graves”.
The graves of Whitebeard and Ace still stand proud. A box has been placed at the latter’s resting-place, on which is a bottle of sake and three bowls to go with it. Also a newspaper was hung upon it.


Nami advises Luffy not to accept the offer of an alliance with Law, but Law shows interest and asks which of the Four Emperors they would be trying to overthrow. After the captain of the Heart Pirates reveals this, Luffy accepts his proposal.

Back at Usopp, Chopper and Robin are shocked by this news and still advise their captain against forming an alliance with Law. Robin thinks he might betray them too, but Luffy thinks he’s looking at a nice guy. And even if he did, his crewmates would have trained for two years, after all. Law then reverses the body swap as much as possible, so Chopper and Franky have their own bodies back. The ship’s doctor, however, isn’t thrilled with the way he’s been trashed. Only Nami is now still stuck in the wrong, but now Sanji’s, body, as he is not present at the moment. Law finally turns to the children and thinks it would be better to leave them behind. The world government has been trying to breed soldiers into giants for centuries, and Caesar Clown is probably trying to do the same now. But since Nami and Chopper insist on saving them, Luffy will help them too. Since Sanji also wants to reassemble the Samurai, the Straw Hat asks the Samurai of the Seas if he won’t help them now as their ally. Law is taken back by that question, whereupon Usopp has to explain that Luffy sees such an alliance as more or less a friendship, and his selfishness is almost on the level of one of the Four Emperors. The captain of the Heart Gang thinks that the alliance and the wishes of the Straw Hats have nothing to do with each other, but due to time constraints he decides to help. Luffy and the rest are to take on the Samurai while he sneaks by Crown with their ship’s doctor about the kids’ drug problem.

After the immobilized Chopper is finally hung on Law’s sword, Law declares that Crown will attack them until they and the G-5 Navy are wiped out. Anyone who doesn’t have Haki can’t approach the former World Government scientist, whereupon Luffy lists himself, Zoro, Sanji and Law as the people who do. Eventually, they have to kidnap Crown. After they do this, there will be no way out of the alliance.

The G-5 Marines, meanwhile, are fighting Crown’s men, with whom they are having some problems. Tashigi is able to identify the subordinates as former prisoners, which Smoker doesn’t understand, since there shouldn’t have been any survivors after the incident four years ago. In any case, his soldiers should finally make it to sea to report on what happened.

Caesar Clown receives a call by Den-den Mushi, but doesn’t answer it because it’s just cries for help from his men anyway, who have released his pet on orders.

Those same two subordinates are now fleeing from Punk Hazard on the burning side after their colleagues have already been caught. A strange slime pursues them and soon they collapse due to toxic gas. It is the massive slime Punk Hazard creature, the Slime!

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