One Piece Chapter 667


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 47: “Kamabakka Kingdom – The forever reigning Okama King discovers that Straw Hat Boy has set sail.”
Ivankov reads the newspaper quite pleased with the news as he takes a hot drink.


Luffy is horrified that Brownbeard has been attacked, as he adored his master Caesar Clown so much. Chopper – in Sanji’s body – does not want to give the children back into Crown’s care; he is also afraid for Nami, who is in Franky’s body. Luffy wants to take care of the matter, but Franky – in Chopper’s body – also wants to come along. He is given a Rumble Ball, but immediately takes it and mutates into Chopper’s monster form. In this form he attacks Luffy, who heads off in the direction of the Yeti Cool Brothers.

Crown’s Lab: Crown puzzles over why there is a Vegapunk laser installed in Franky’s body. He wants that laser badly, he doesn’t care what happens to the rest of Franky’s body. One of his men asks what they should do with Smoker’s marine unit. Crown replies that he’s already made preparations and they’d better get to safety if they don’t want to die.

In the mountains behind the lab: Nami – in Franky’s body – is tied up and wants to be released by the Yeti brothers. The brothers Scotch and Rock are already excited about the reward they will get from their master for the successful kidnapping. They also mention that Nami’s friends are certainly trying to rescue her and are now most likely following their enormous footsteps.

Luffy, as predicted by the brothers, follows the footsteps while Franky, as a mutated Chopper, continues to attack him. Distracted by this, Luffy falls into a crevice where the brothers are waiting for him and have already set traps. Franky also falls in after them. Luffy destroys the traps and is shot at by Rock. He remembers training with Rayleigh and, using his devil power, hurls the projectiles back at his opponent. Scotch now fires at the top of a mountain, whereupon it threatens to fall on Luffy and Franky. However, the monster form of Chopper’s body is strong enough to catch the peak and subsequently throw it at Rock. However, as the monster form rages on and attacks Luffy as well, he knocks out the same with one punch.
Scotch grabs Franky’s body and runs away with it, but runs into Law, who defeats him with his devil power. At this moment, Luffy arrives. Law now talks to Luffy about the New World and that the only way to survive there is to join an emperor, or continuously challenge them. Knowing that Luffy would never sail under any other flag, he offers him an alliance. Law has a plan to overthrow one of the Four Emperors!

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