One Piece Chapter 666


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 46: “Impel Down Level 5.5 Newkama Land – The New Queen, Bon-sama”.
Bentham survived the battle against Magellan from two years ago and retreated to the secret Newkama Land, where he is now hiding with other prisoners after Ivankov’s breakout as the new queen.


The Yeti Cool Brothers report to one of Caesar Clown’s men that they were able to successfully kill “Pirate Hunter” Zoro, “Thieving Cat” Nami, whose body is actually Sanji, and “Soul King” Brook and they can collect those.

The news is also received by Crown himself, and Mone is surprised, as the World Government dubbed the Straw Hat Pirates second only to the Blackbeard Gang as the most dangerous of the worst generation of pirates. She also mentions that Law had already dealt with the Straw Hats two years ago on the Sabaody Archipelago and Marine Ford, whereupon Caesar points a gun at the Samurai of the Seas. The latter, however, insists that he did not call the pirates. Crown remembers when Law showed up on Punk Hazard.

At that time, after all the search for an island without a magnetic field, Law asked the wanted scientist to move freely in the research institute and on the island. He would also be helpful to him as long as he didn’t tell anyone about his presence, including Joker. Crown was surprised at Law’s knowledge of Joker, but eventually let him. Mone, who still had normal arms and legs at the time, eventually asked him if he could heal the island’s immobilized prisoners.

Back in the present, Crown finally believes Law and apologizes for his suspicions. The Samurai of the Seas asks him why he is actually so sure that the escaped children will return, to which Caesar reveals he gave those a candy with drugs. Law recalls such vicious behavior to someone, but eventually moves away from Crown and Mone. If they need him in a fight, they should just call him. Crown says people who think too much are hard to handle.

Something explodes near the remains of the first and second research institutes. Chopper and Nami are worried, also because of the children. They can’t see the enemy anywhere.

Luffy’s group has also noticed the explosion and quickly makes their way back. The captain of the Straw Hats senses the aura of two animal-like people.

Brownbeard, who had fallen asleep, wakes up and immediately suspects the Yeti Cool Brothers behind it. Those two giant killers never show themselves, their footprints are very large, their voices very low and they are covered in fur all over their bodies. Their names are Rock and Scotch. Brownbeard feels safe as those will have come to eliminate the Straw Hats and save him. Suddenly, Scotch appears in front of them and says that he should be killed too. Brownbeard is shocked, as this happens on the orders of his revered master. While Luffy’s group is almost on the scene, the former pirate recalls his first meeting with the seemingly adorable Crown, after which he is mercilessly gunned down by Scotch. Rock warns his brother that he might hurt the kids, too. Now that Luffy has returned, the Yeti Cool Brothers fire on that one and his gang, but the Straw Hat was able to dodge. Before he can attack, however, they are already gone. They have kidnapped Nami because she is in Franky’s body and Caesar wants to study it.

Law has left the research institute in the meantime. One of Crown’s men asks him where he wants to go at such a time, but he just cuts that one up with the help of his devil powers and says he can go wherever he wants.

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