One Piece Chapter 665


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 45: “Impel Down – The Most Reliable Man in Hell, the New Vice-Principal Magellan”.
Magellan, whose face is now adorned with a large scar, is now only the Vice Warden of Impel Down. Hannyabal, Sady, and the guards cheer him on.


Brook tells them that Kinemon has gone in search of his torso during the conversation. Sanji feels responsible for him since he took him, so the two Straw Hats rush after him. Nami also sends Zoro along, since she can’t leave the Cook stuck in her body alone.

While contemplating what to do next to land them back in their proper bodies, Chopper has fully checked the children. At this moment, the largest of the freed children collapse in pain, but they are not sick. Normally at the Research Institute around this time, they would have been given “candy” that made them cheerful. Furious, Chopper addresses Brownbeard, but the latter doesn’t have much idea what is going on inside Caesar Clown’s lab, but doesn’t want to hear any disparagement from that one. He believes that his master would treat the children. However, Chopper has discovered a small amount of NHC10 in their blood, a stimulant drug. Only select scientists are allowed to use it. With the candy, Crown seems to have gotten the kids addicted, probably so they can’t escape the island. Chopper is seething with anger. Luffy thinks he’s going to get the candy for the kids, but the ship’s doctor stops him, saying they should never ingest it again. Sind, one of the boys, suddenly becomes very enraged and punches Luffy. The kids weren’t always this huge, they only got that way through experimentation. The earlier they came here, the bigger they are now. The other of the giant kids are also going crazy now, so Usopp puts them to sleep with “sleeping star” for the time being. The Straw Hats decide to take those back to their parents though, which is why Luffy wants to confront Crown and Law. Chopper and Nami stay behind.

Zoro, Sanji, and Brook are unconscious, with giant footprints next to them.

Crown is pleased that Law has brought him Smoker’s heart, he had also already sent soldiers to the latter’s naval unit. To take down the Straw Hats, he has specially hired the two killers of Snow Mountain, the Yeti Cool Brothers!

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