One Piece Chapter 663


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 44: “Impel Down – Sady has fallen in love with the new Vice-Commander, Saldeath.”
Sady sits in an armchair, looking at herself in a pocket mirror. Behind her stands the visibly aged Saldeath.


Punk Hazard, outside the entrance of the facility: Luffy, Robin, Brook, Usopp and Zoro meet Law, to whom Luffy immediately thanks him for his help after the Big Event. Law then recalls the past events and retorts that Luffy is not in his debt, as he was merely acting on his whim at the time. He adds that Luffy should not forget that they are both pirates. At that moment, Usopp notices the marines. Tashigi, in turn, notices the hole in the beaten Smoker’s chest. When she goes to attack Law, he swaps her body with Smoker’s body. Law tells Luffy to go to the back of the building, as he will find the answer to his questions there. He also mentions that they will meet again. Luffy puts Law’s suggestion into action.

At the mountain at the back of the building: Sanji, in Nami’s body, desperately wants to take a picture of his current self. Nami, trapped in Franky’s body, reacts visibly incensed. Since everyone is extremely cold, the samurai they brought along now reveals his Devil’s Fruit: they are all to place a small object on their heads. This object then exchanges place with winter clothes. However, the samurai notes that this power loses its effect when they remove their clothing. When asked why he hadn’t applied this effect earlier, the same replies that he didn’t want Nami’s body covered. At this moment, the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates arrives and initially reacts in surprise when the supposed Franky knocks out Nami, who had been looking at her own body moments before. However, after being enlightened as to what Sanji and company are all about, Luffy and Usopp burst out laughing. The samurai is also overjoyed to at least have his legs back. The Straw Hat Pirates now gathers all the facts they could get so far. They also learn that there are supposed to be more children inside the facility. It is also clarified why the samurai’s legs were supposedly able to talk: This was his special ability, he can talk through flatulence.

On the other side, in a cave: The soldiers of the navy have retreated and wonder why Tashigi, in Smoker’s body, is doing well, even though he no longer has a heart. Smoker, however, worries about something else: He had seen the emblem “CC”. This is a clear hint to the mastermind of the island, Vegapunk’s former colleague, the inventor of weapons of mass destruction, Caesar Clown.

In the building: Law meets with Caesar, who is visibly upset about Law’s behavior. Law replies that he is the one who can complain.

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