One Piece Chapter 662


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 43: “Impel Down – New Guardian Beast Minochihuahua”.
Impel Down’s newest guardian beast, Minochihuahua, stands on a pedestal and leaves a prisoner, already long dead, hanging from a rope. Minozebra, Minotaurus, Minokoala, and Minorhinoceros stand behind him.


Tashigi is ashamed to have been cut up by Law, but not killed. Law only tells her that the weak do not get to choose how they die. While the Marine Captain can no longer reach him with her cut sword, the shots of the G5 soldiers are also ineffective, as the Samurai of the Seas swaps the position of the bullets with that of Snow. Law goes to cut Tashigi further, but is stopped in time and nearly injured by Smoker’s sea-stoned jitte. The “Surgeon of Death” is able to escape in time, however, and a heated battle ensues between the Samurai of the Seas and the Vice Admiral. The soldiers including Tashigi flee from Law’s room.

Luffy’s party, meanwhile, has defeated the centaurs and is carried to their destination by their boss, Brownbeard.

Meanwhile, the still gaseous Master in the research unit receives a report from one of his men that his worst-case scenario has come to pass. So their ally Law fights the Marine at the entrance, who has also seen the kidnapped children. However, they can’t just take out Smoker’s unit either, as in that case the Navy would become aware of their activities. The harpy Mone also reports that Vegapunk’s dragon and Brownbeard’s centaur surveillance unit were taken out by none other than the rest of the Straw Hat Pirates.

The marines, now outside Law’s room, are horrified that an actual ally, a samurai of the seas, is attacking them. Tashigi then recalls Smoker’s words on Arabasta that pirates would always be pirates.

In their skirmish, Smoker asks Law what is really going on on the island. The latter only answers with the counter-question, what the navy is planning. With his attack “Mes” Law finally removes the heart of the vice admiral. Smoker falls to the ground unconscious. At this moment Luffy appears, who seems rather pleased about Law’s presence.

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