One Piece Chapter 660


The Straw Hat Pirates is in a flower meadow where a group of small orange elephants are also present.


Chopper asks the children what illness they were brought to Punk Hazard for. They say that they were suddenly taken away by strangers one day, because otherwise they would infect their parents. Nami realizes that this is kidnapping. A gate suddenly blocks their way, but Chopper simply smashes it open. Behind the door it is freezing cold and to their shock the room is completely surrounded by frozen people.

Sanji and Franky, meanwhile, have blocked the way of their pursuers, who possess the underbelly of sheep. The samurai’s taken head wants to be left behind to search for his son. However, after a brief argument with Sanji, he is eventually carried along.

Outside the building, Tashigi plays Trafalgar Law the intercepted phone call between Luffy and the man seeking help on Punk Hazard. Having helped the Straw Hat in the past, Smoker now suspects him of aiding and abetting again, so he wants to see the inside of the former research station. Law, however, doesn’t want this and promises to kill Luffy if he shows up. Just at that moment, however, the fleeing Straw Hats appear along with the children. They immediately recognize Law and Smoker, so Sanji immediately orders them to retreat back into the building. The navy wants to go after them, but Law, also surprised by what happened, stops them and lifts their battleship into the air with his devil power. He can’t just let Smoker off the island now. The Navy Vice Admiral gets ready for battle!

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