One Piece Chapter 659


From the ship decks of the world, part 41: “Sabaody Archipelago – The fallen slave trader Disko”.
The Human Auctioning House has perished under Disko. The latter now sits drinking and without shelter before the overgrown building. In the newspaper he read about the return of Straw Hat Luffy, whose profile he pierced with a knife, just like those of the other supernovae who had destroyed his business.


The navy under Smoker finds their way onto Punk Hazard via a hidden river. Some icebergs cause them problems.

Luffy’s group is now trying to cross the lake in the middle of the island to get to the cold half. Usopp therefore creates a banana boat with his Pop Green and grasses for them to row with. On the way, however, the centaur that was defeated earlier throws a rock at them before blowing a horn and calling for his boss to confront the invaders on the other side. The latter is already waiting for them there with more centaurs, mistaking Zoro for the samurai who had slashed their friends because of his swords.

Nami and Chopper escape with the children from Vegapunk’s former research institute. The human reindeer is highly motivated, as Sanji has entrusted him with the escape with Nami. Where they escape to, however, is for Nami to decide.

Franky and Sanji are still fighting their captors in full body suits. They now want to shoot poison gas, but the Cook stops them by kicking their masks off their faces and destroying their air potions. Each of them has horns like sheep. Meanwhile, the samurai’s head focuses on an opponent fighting his torso.

Outside the research institute, Brook is completely startled by the torso that suddenly attacked him. The two engage in a brief duel before the skeleton, which has no reason to fight, flees.

The master of persons in full body suits, who is in a gas form, thinks his men should hide because of Smoker’s appearance, just as he will do.

Smoker’s men are surprised, as there is actually no more gas on the island. Smoker himself rings the doorbell of Ph-006, which is opened only after a short time. Out steps none other than Trafalgar Law, now Samurai of the Seas, with a former bounty of 440 million berries! He is said to have sent 100 pirate hearts to headquarters to get this post. Smoker says to him that entering the island is also forbidden for him. Law, however, retorts that this also applies to him.

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