One Piece Chapter 655


From the ship decks of the world, part 37: “Water 7 – The Galley-La’s brilliant secretary is 10 years old”.
Iceburg stands next to his new secretary, who is just 10 years old. Tyrannosaurus is also present.


Arriving in the New World, Luffy has discovered an island with a fire-breathing volcano and wants to head for it immediately. However, since the location is not indicated by the log port and a sea of fire is in the way, Nami advises against it. Suddenly, the Den-den Mushi aboard the Thousand Sunny begins to cry. Robin does warn Luffy that the Navy is setting a trap, but the latter simply takes off. A desperate voice is on the line, pleading for help. His crew is to be killed one by one by a samurai, they would be on Punk Hazard. When the caller appears to have been stabbed, the call ends. Zoro asks Brook what such a samurai might be. The latter tells that it is the swordsmen from Wano Country, who are said to be so strong that even the navy stays away from the island. Since the island seen earlier is the only possible place of the call, they finally head for it.

The call was intercepted by the Navy. Vice Admiral Smoker would have expected the Straw Hat Pirates to be heading for the most dangerous island outbound from the Log Port, and so find themselves off Raijin. Since Punk Hazard is a deserted place since an event four years ago, they would have expected no life there. Smoker and his squad set off towards the island.

With Milky Road, Nami creates a Milky Way, like there was in Skypiea, across the Sea of Flames. On it, Luffy, Zoro, Robin and Usopp set off and finally reach Punk Hazard. Outside the entrance is a warning sign with symbols of the Navy, World Government, and a skull. This is simply disregarded by the Straw Hats, who inside soon have to disrobe somewhat due to the tremendous heat. They come across a former government base, which is now even melting. Usopp finds it funny, as the caller said he was cold.

Meanwhile, on the Sunny, Nami notices that the sky on the other side of the island resembles that of a icy winter.

After the four straw-hat pirates find a huge skeleton, suddenly nothing less than a dragon appears behind them! He wants to know who they are.

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