One Piece Chapter 654


From the ship decks of the world, part 36: “Water 7 – Bartenders Kiwi and Mozz”.
Now running a bar, Mozz and Kiwi are about to show a profile of Franky to their current guests, the Rolling Pirates. Lola and the Risky Brothers also show their delight at the news about the Straw Hat Pirates in the newspaper.


After leaving Fish-Man Island, Nami first takes a bath, keeping the exciting Sanji and Brook at bay.

Meanwhile, Usopp has made a hook that they can use to catch deep-sea fish. They succeed after Luffy kills one with the Gomu Gomu no Jet Pistol. However, the fish is immediately eaten by an even bigger one, before the latter is eaten by an even bigger monster. Zoro then finishes the monster off with a slash 360 Sense Phoenix. After that, the Thousand Sunny accidentally gets caught in a White Current, which is said to carry ships to faraway places and cost people their lives.

Suddenly, however, the gang leaves the stream, as they cross a group of giant whales. Luffy and Brook are immediately convinced that they are looking at Laboon, who after all belonged to the same species and had very similar scars. Since it could also be the family of his old companion, Brook plays Binks’ sake to the whales, while the Sunny is driven along by the whales.

The gang finally reaches the surface of the water together with the whales. The wind blows fiercely, lightning pelts down, flames blaze: The Straw Hats have arrived in the New World!


  • The title “GAM” in Japanese refers to a group of whales.
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