One Piece Chapter 653


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 35: “Icefish Mermaid Kokoro-san’s Glorious Vacation”.
Kokoro takes a trip through the ocean on a shark. Yokuzuna travels with her, holding a newspaper in her hand.


At the Mermaid Café, the employees ask to take the day off to say goodbye to the Straw Hats. Shyarly allows this, but Camie still questions her about her prophecy, which has not yet come true, that Luffy should destroy the island. The former fortune teller has already broken her crystal ball, however, and thinks she can probably trust Camie’s friends.

Shirahoshi cries as Luffy is already about to leave, while Neptune and the minister to the right are still worried about the bomb hidden in the Tamatebako. They don’t tell anyone, though, since Usopp and Chopper are already shocked at the declaration of war against Big Mom anyway.

The minister to the left gives Nami a new log port for the New World. This has three needles, each pointing to an island; the stranger one behaves, the more dangerous the island. Luffy is immediately interested in the direction of the needle that is moving the most, to the discomfort of the others. Franky thinks they are ready to leave.

This is followed by Hatchan, Camie, Pappag, the mermaids, the Neptune brothers, Neptune, Jinbe, and the rest of Fishmen Island saying their goodbyes. Shirahoshi is still holding up the Thousand Sunny though, she asks Luffy to take her to a real forest if they meet again. The Straw Hat Pirates promises to do so before leaving Fishmen Island for good.

A child on the island asks his father for a straw hat so they can play heroes, but those only exist above the surface of the sea. Jinbe overhears the conversation and wants to send a ship to get straw hats.

The Sunny sails back towards the surface of the water as Luffy remembers the words of Shanks, Ace, Jinbe, Rayleigh, and Koby. The Straw Hat Pirates is finally on a straight path to the New World!

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