One Piece Chapter 652


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 34: “Shift Station – Popular Sunday Station Captain Chimney”.
Chimney is now in charge of Shift station on Sundays. Gonbe is standing next to her.


Neptune asks Jinbe how the Sun Pirates is doing under Big Mom. He says it is going well, but because of Luffy’s invitation he is now thinking about ending the alliance. But he would have to be very careful not to incur the Empress’ wrath. Neptune, however, already has a replacement flag they could fly in case of a break with Big Mom: The Jolly Roger of the Straw Hat Pirates!

The minister on the right tells Neptune that the Straw Hats should return the Tamatebako after all, since bombs were installed after the contents were stolen ten years ago. Just at this moment, the pirates return.

To everyone’s surprise, Luffy has given the treasures to Big Mom and declared war on the latter. While this complicates Jinbe’s situation, Neptune and the Minister are worried because the bomb built into the Tamatebako could be misinterpreted as Luffy’s declaration of war. Nami, meanwhile, shows herself to be pissed off about giving up the treasures.

At the candy factory Caribou has awoken and wants to get the treasures back. With those and the secret about Shirahoshi, it would be possible for him to collect points from a certain person. He finally finds Big Mom’s subordinates Tamago and Pekoms and attacks them with his “Swamp Swamp Gatling Gun”. However, Pekoms protects himself by hiding in a devil-powered turtle shell. Then, when Caribou tries to finish him off with a scythe, he incapacitates the Logia user with a single blow. After that, the two messengers head back to Big Mom.

At the beginning of the New World, navy ships fight against some pirate ships. Captain Tashigi stops a cannonball with her sword and complains about the impossible G5 soldiers afterwards. The high number of pirate ships suddenly appearing is because the gangs enslaved by Hody Jones have regained their freedom. One pirate won’t reveal the name of their saviors at first, but is reminded by another of the cruelty of the G5 navy. Vice Admiral Smoker, however, already knows it was the Straw Hat Pirates.

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