One Piece Chapter 649


From the ship decks of the world, part 32: “Skypiea – God is also pleased with this year’s blessing”.
Gan Fall, Pierre, and the Shandia chief drink pumpkin juice with each other at a plantation. The Golden Bell stands in the background.


The pirates enslaved by Hody Jones are finally allowed to leave Fishmen Island. In addition, Neptune decides that the remnants of the latter’s New Fishmen pirate band will henceforth live as workers on the main island. The Fishmen’s District is closed for good.

The Straw Hat Pirates has already fled Gyoncorde Plaza, not wanting to be hailed as heroes. Jinbe has to decline Luffy’s offer to become his comrade-in-arms for the time being, as he has unfinished business. After that, he can be invited again. The rest of the gang would welcome the fish man as a new comrade. Soldiers have rushed after the pirates in the meantime, as the Straw Hats have been invited to the Ryuuguu Palace for a banquet.

The fish-men’s district has been closed. Hody Jones, the officers from his gang and Vander Decken IX are locked up in the Ryuuguu Palace, while Surume is to carry Wadatsumi, who is too big for a prison, far away from the island. Many residents want to bring food to the palace for the banquet.

On long flatfish, the Straw Hat Pirates, along with Camie, Hatchan and Pappag, are led to the ballroom of the Ryuuguu Palace. There they are welcomed with a jazz orchestra, the dancers of the Mermaid Café and the famous singer of the island, Maria Napole. A great celebration ensues.

Robin has asked Neptune to come outside. She asks him, to his shock, about Joy Boy, whom she read about in the poneglyph in the sea forest. The king tells her that he was a person who lived during the forgotten century. The words on the poneglyph were directed at the mermaid princess of the time and are an excuse for not being able to fulfill his side of the promise. Neptune doesn’t know the details, but eventually someone is supposed to show up who can fulfill the promise for Joy Boy. Until then, it’s up to the Ryuuguu family to protect Noah. The mermaid princess at the time also had the power to control the Sea Kings, just as Shirahoshi does now. Two years ago, Robin read about the whereabouts of a certain Ancient Weapon on the Poneglyph in Skypiea. The name of the princess at the time, as well as Shirahoshi’s other name, is Poseidon!

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