One Piece Chapter 648


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 31: “Skypiea – God’s Guard”
Wyper, Mantis, Braham and Genbo are meanwhile guarding the God’s House.


The sea kings tell Shirahoshi that they have been waiting a long time for her, their queen. The soldiers from the air tank, the three princes and Neptune also observe this. The latter thinks the force that could destroy the world has finally awakened. Afterwards, the sea kings think Shirahoshi should take care of Luffy.

A sea king says it seemed to him that Luffy could hear them. This reminds the giant sea creatures that Gol D. Roger could also hear them somehow. They end up leaving the Noah with the sea forest to possibly repair it. Den, Hatchan, and Camie are shocked by the appearance of the giants.

The minister on the right tells the minister on the left that the kidnapped mermaids have turned up at Ryuuguu Palace, but that all the treasures have been stolen from there. Neptune says the thieves are not important at the moment and absolves the Straw Hats of any blame.

The remnants of the New Fishmen pirate gang and the human pirates beg Jinbe to let them go, but he makes them wait for the king’s decision and warns them not to flee.

Fukaboshi, Manboshi and Ryuboshi now take the unconscious Hody Jones and Vander Decken IX to Gyoncorde Plaza, where they are placed in chains. They are never to be released. Shirahoshi also appears with Luffy, who is in desperate need of a blood transfusion. The fish people are intimidated by a law that forbids blood transfusion to humans, but Jinbe, who has the same blood type as Luffy, donates since he is a pirate anyway and laws don’t apply to him. Neptune, moreover, thinks the law is equally nonsensical.

Finally, the exchange of blood takes place, whereby the relationship of the sea people with the humans is finally set to zero. You can already see the path towards the sun. Luffy also awakens again. And immediately he invites Jinbe to become his comrade-in-arms!

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