One Piece Chapter 646


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 29: “Skypiea – Rubber Band Land’s Famous ‘Nora Bungee’ & Aisa, the Ball Cloud Girl”.
At Skypiea’s newly constructed theme park, “Rubberband Land,” there are numerous attractions, including a bungee jump from the giant snake Nora. The aged Aisa sells balloon-like ball clouds to the children.


With the help of the Rumble Ball, Chopper can now use his monstrous form for three minutes while fully conscious. He responds to praise from Usopp with his typical happy dance, which looks very strange in its current form, which is also noted by the gunner of the gang. Daruma then goes to attack the unwary Usopp, but the latter has already attacked with “Green Star: Human Drake” and “Green Star: Trampolia” preparations, which hurl the fish-man into the air.

Ikaros Much presents Franky with his secret weapon: “Usubon No Yari”, a light-generating spear on his head.

Zoro doesn’t pay attention to Hyouzou anymore, whereupon the latter wants to attack him from behind with his poisoned swords.

Zeo thinks Brook better not enter his circle if he doesn’t want to get crushed. But the musician has already stepped over that one humming and finishes off the officer of the New Fishmen Pirates with “Ripper Song: Blizzard Cut”.

Usopp defeats Daruma using “Green Star: Impact Wolf”.

Dosun tries to fling Chopper away with his “Papara Hammer”, but the human reindeer wins the fight with a mighty blow.

Ikaros Much now wants to defeat Franky with his spear, but the shipwright roasts him with a laser, the “Franky Radical Beam”. Chopper and Usopp are thrilled.

Jinbe attacks Wadatsumi with the secret technique of the fish-man karate “Buraikan”, whereupon the blowfish-man can no longer hold the air inside him and floats upwards by letting it out. There Sanji is already waiting for him, who finishes him off with “Hell Memories”.

Zoro defeats the ambushing Hyouzou by “Rengoku Oni Giri”. All the officers of the New Fishmen Gang are defeated!

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