One Piece Chapter 645


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 28: “Skypiea – Rubber Band Land’s Ticket Seller, Amazon”.
Amazon sells around 30 million Extol tickets to the new amusement park, Rubberband Land. A sculpture of Usopp, depicted in a somewhat exaggeratedly heroic manner, is enthroned in front of the park.


Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk has hit Hody Jones full on, whereupon the latter is hurled against the Noah. Luffy immediately rushes after him with Shirahoshi.

A resident asks someone who has decided to stay on the island despite the impending disaster how he thinks the disaster will be prevented. The person asked says that Luffy’s speech reminded him of his childhood over twenty years ago, when the great pirate Whitebeard drank to their friendship with Neptune and placed Fishmen’s Island under his protection.

While Shyarly remembers her prediction, Luffy dodges Hody’s attacks at the Noah and finally attacks him with the Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gun. He goes to destroy the ark and tops it off with the Gomu Gomu no Elephant Gatling. Hody Jones seems defeated, which is also proclaimed all over the island.

The officers of the New Fishmen pirate gang also hear this and begin killing their own men, saying that death is also a form of revenge. When told that they have gone mad, they reply that they only became that way because of the humans.

The kids watching this wonder if humanity is really that bad, but Shyarly shows them that the majority of the people fighting for them right now are human.

Zeo continues to attack his own men, but Brook gets in between. He hates people who waste lives. Zeo asks him if they aren’t doing this themselves right now, since they could have saved themselves from the falling Noah. But the Straw Hat Pirates trusts their captain so much that they have nothing to fear. Brook wants to finish the mission now.

Hyouzou realizes that his swords are destroyed and asks ironically how he should fight now.

Franky is also looking to finish his fight with another great attack.

Wadatsumi asks if Sanji is finally impressed by this size. He answers in the affirmative and tells Jinbe that they should do it now.

The pirates are taken back by a monster that has suddenly appeared, it being Chopper in his monstrous form. Usopp says that nothing has happened yet to warrant such an action. Chopper, however, is fully conscious and tells his comrade that everything is fine.

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