One Piece Chapter 644


From the ship decks of the world, part 27: “Jaya – South Bird ♥ North Bird → Western Bird & Eastern Bird”.
On Jaya, a South Bird, possibly the one who had traveled to Skypiea with the Straw Hat Pirates, fathered two children with a North Bird, a Western as well as an Eastern Bird.


Meanwhile, as the townspeople flee and listen to Fukaboshi’s transmission, Hody Jones pursues Luffy and Shirahoshi with a disfigured face.

Flashback to Hody’s childhood: In the Fishmen district, Hody heard about the outrages committed by the humans on the island and what bad creatures those were. When a Fishman blew himself up in a human store along with eight humans, that one was celebrated in the former orphanage, even the officers of what would later become the New Fishman Pirates are taken with it. Arlong told them it was a holy war against humanity, an inferior race that had displaced the Fishmen to the bottom of the sea. Hatchan’s stories about Rayleigh did not please Hody in the least. The young fish-man absorbed all the hatred of the inhabitants of the fish-man district.

When Fisher Tiger was killed a few years later, the later New Fishmen pirates have their kind, who have shared blood with humans, killed. When Otohime is finally said to have been killed by a human pirate as well, the hatred for humanity and the government, which is seen as too cowardly, rises to immeasurable levels. Hody, meanwhile, proclaims the time for revenge with his men during a merry go round, presenting a bag full of energy steroids for Zeo to reproduce.

In the present, the soldiers in the air tank manage to envelop Noah in a bubble of air, while Fukaboshi admits that while they wanted to achieve their ambitions, they completely disregarded the fish-people district, and so the hatred had spread to the children there. This was what his mother Otohime feared the most. He asks Luffy to put their past behind them and reset everything to the status quo. Luffy responds by saying, as the entire Fishmen Island listens, that Fukaboshi has nothing to worry about, after all, they are friends. After these words, many residents decide to stay on the island in solidarity.

The Straw Hat finally attacks Hody with Gomu Gomu no Red Hawk, the attack creates an explosion!


  • In the Weekly Shōnen Jump version of the chapter, Shyarly was shown as a young woman. This was corrected in volume 65, and Shyarly was drawn as a little girl according to her age.
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