One Piece Chapter 643


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 26: “Saruyama Alliance – Search for ‘Nakrowa’, the Phantom Island”.
The Saruyama Alliance is emulating a new dream. Mont Blanc Cricket reads the newspaper while Masira and Shoujou, wearing a straw hat, stand behind him.


While the Neptune Army fights the New Fishmen pirate gang, Robin opens the chains of the enslaved humans. However, the freed people are supposed to give their thanks to Jinbe. Hammond is not at all pleased about this and shoots the archaeologist with a net. But she suddenly disappears and appears with “Cuerpo Fleur” on her back. The real Robin grabs his feet and finally defeats him with “Doble Clutch”. The freed pirates now also attack the enemy fish people.

Brook wonders where Zeo has disappeared to. The latter sneaks up on the musician via “Camouflage Carpet”. But he announces this loud enough for Brook to locate and injure him. Zeo wants revenge and he also succeeds in cutting off the head of his opponent. Within the last two years, however, Brook has come to understand the true power of his Devil Fruit: The power by which he can still walk this earth is his soul! His head reconnects with his body and he pulls out his sword “Soul Solid”. With it, he conveys the coldness of the other world, it now has an icy blade.

Daruma attacks Usopp with a full-on flame-standing cutter, which Usopp is able to dodge. The fish-man calls the shooter a weakling, but he thinks he’s done with his trap and can defeat his opponent in three moves. Usopp used to lie a lot more, now he’s supposed to be able to do such things!

The minister on the left is contacted that the Noah is currently threatening to fall directly onto Fish-Man Island, so he arranges for this to be communicated to the entire population, who then flee as quickly as possible. At the same time, the conversation between Luffy and the soldier from the air tank is transmitted, who entrusts the island to the Straw Hat.

Fukaboshi now explains to Luffy via Den-den Mushi, which is also transmitted, what Hody Jones’ true motives are: He is a monster spawned by this environment. The New Fishmen pirates want the hatred of the ancestors to live on, and fear that the grudge against humans will disappear. They wish for humans to be evil to justify their crusade. These bloodthirsty men do not want peace for the Sea People. Hody Jones meanwhile is completely disfigured, when asked by Fukaboshi what the humans did to him he replied “Nothing”. He thinks they have been endowed by God with strength to pass judgment on mankind. The grudge of the pirates lacks experience as well as will, they are only completely empty opponents!

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