One Piece Chapter 642


The Straw Hat Pirates is ready to go swimming and is now waiting for the fish bus.


Sea Forest: Den notices that all the whales and fish are leaving the forest, which means something strange must be happening on Fish Man Island. Hatchan thinks Jinbe and Luffy should clearly win, but Hody Jones won’t bow to them so quickly. Fisher Tiger must have feared such an occurrence.

Residents all over the island receive word from the Minister to the left to evacuate as there is danger from the Noah crash. They also learn how Shirahoshi distracted the ship piloted by Vander Decken IX. Eventually, each of them begins to flee the island.

The minister on the left and some soldiers appear at King Neptune. He too is to be evacuated, but he wants to stay until the princes return.

The Minister on the right and the rest of the Neptune Army arrive at Gyoncorde Square, where they find the Straw Hats and Jinbe fighting the New Fishmen Pirates. After getting the rest of the information from the residents present, the Minister orders the soldiers to help the Straw Hat Pirates. They have already lost their reputation by having the people they had falsely accused earlier save their land. The rest of the population is also supposed to flee the island, but they want to stay because the Straw Hats are fighting for them after all. The minister ultimately leaves the decision up to the people themselves before throwing himself into the fray.

Hammond, meanwhile, orders his “slave tank” to carry him to the attacking Neptune army as well, causing one of the slaves to topple over. The fish-man, however, just leaves him there. Robin finds this disgusting.

Wadatsumi who is in the fight puffs up, he is a puffer fish man. Sanji stands on his face and asks him what this is all about. He also thinks he’s smaller than the octopus, causing him to inflate further and finish off his own people due to his enormous size. Meanwhile, Jinbe asks Robin if she can free the slaves, but Robin thinks that the slaves would hate the island. However, he sees the pirates only as people at the moment and doesn’t want to see Hody’s men play World Nobles.

Ikaros Much attacks Franky with “Ikaros Wing”, seemingly just spitting on the opponent. The shipwright then strikes back, but only hits the ink doppelganger of the Giant Squid Fishman. However, he attacks the original afterwards with his “Franky Fireball”. Chopper is impressed by this, but has to notice that Franky had gotten out of his Franky Shogun again himself. Dosun is incensed that Chopper dares to look the other way in a fight and attacks with “T-Shot”, which Chopper counters with “Heavy Gong” in Double Weight form. While the opponent is surprised that he was able to deflect his hammer with his bare hands, the now monstrous Chopper thinks that he should rather not have used that form for that. Zoro asks the ship’s doctor why the only form that looked somewhat human now looks monstrous. Chopper wanted to be human then to make friends, now he wants to be a monster to be able to support Luffy. Hyouzou now attacks Zoro again, but he just destroys his swords. The water sprite bores him.

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