One Piece Chapter 641


From the ship decks of the world, part 25: “Kingdom of Arabasta – Bedridden Cobra”.
While Kobra, possibly ill, is confined to bed, Vivi brings him things from the supermarket. The king seems pleased with the news about the Straw Hat Pirates. Igaram is also with them.


With Vander Decken IX now powerless, the Noah is in danger of falling. Fukaboshi remembers her father’s order: they must bring the Ark back intact at any cost, as a promise with a “great man” centuries ago states that the ship must not be destroyed until the promised day, as only then will it fulfill its function. Since waking up Blankets is the only way of saving everything, Shirahoshi rushes to Noah, but Hody Jones wants to stop this. He attacks the princess with “sea great drum”, but Manboshi intercepts those. Luffy then grabs Jones. Before he can hit him against the ark, however, he is severely bitten in the shoulder by the fish-man. His Haki is still too weak to survive such an attack. Jones, meanwhile, suspects that the Straw Hat Pirate intends to fight him on the falling ship, so he destroys the air-filled bubble around the Noah. Fukaboshi then attacks Hody with “Ultra Marine”, but Hody dodges and cuts the prince with his cutting blade. But the prince is not defeated yet and grabs the hateful fish man. Fukaboshi wants to know the reason for Hody’s reckless behavior, which has fueled his hatred towards humans. Jones’ ensuing gesture shocks those present and the eldest son of the king is defeated for the time being.

Luffy, meanwhile, receives a call from one of the men in the air tank via a Den-den Mushi. In that one, he was with Fukaboshi when Hody was doing blankets. Fukaboshi already knew that Jones hadn’t let the Straw Hat pick the battlefield, which is why the air tank is now ready to envelop the Noah in a giant bubble of air again. The ship would still be falling, but Luffy is free to act in it again. Hody now attacks Luffy and Shirahoshi with “Kirisame” again, but the rubber man jumps on his opponent in time, breaking his blade and knocking him backwards. The captain of the New Fishmen Pirates then takes another pill of his energy steroids and Luffy is again declared the fight, no matter how many casualties it takes.

Fukaboshi contacts Luffy with the Den-den Mushi. He now knows Hody’s true form.

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