One Piece Chapter 640


From the ship decks of the world, part 24: “Kingdom of Arabasta – Vivi, age 18”.
Vivi walks through the streets with Karoo and Matsuge. Behind her back she holds a newspaper.


While Wadatsumi is really getting into a rage, Nami takes out some pirates with a new attack. Ikaros Much and Zeo notice this and decide to take out the navigator together. While Zeo grabs Nami by the legs, Ikaros attacks her with his spears. Brook is able to prevent Worse at the last second, and Ikaros’ weapon has no effect on his desiccated body, to his shock. Franky, in Iron Pirate “Franky Shogun”, meanwhile, is looking for a worthy opponent, so he lashes out at Ikaros Much, with whom he starts a fight. Brook, meanwhile, has climbed on top of Zeo, who had been invisible, whereupon the two begin to fight as well.

A bit away, Chopper and Daruma dig their way through the underground. Dosun, meanwhile, wants to take out Usopp, but the shooter is warned in time by the ship’s doctor. The latter also attacks the fish-man with “Horn Rifle 11”. Usopp then blasts Daruma to the surface as well, referring to his experience from the fight with Miss Merry Christmas. The final fight pairings are now Chopper vs Dosun and Usopp vs Daruma. Meanwhile, Zoro and Hyouzou are already having a hard fought duel. Wadatsumi is also already having his problems with Sanji and Jinbe.

Meanwhile, Shirahoshi continues to flee from the Noah. Hody taunts Luffy for his statement that he would want to protect everything because it is already too late. Ryuboshi shouts to his sister to swim to the side so she doesn’t continue to swim directly over Fish Man Island. Because if Vander Decken IX were to pass out, the Ark would crash into the island and destroy it. However, Ryuboshi is attacked and incapacitated by Hody, as Hody has this very plan: The destruction of Fish-Man Island. Shirahoshi, however, has heard her brother and corrected her course. Hody tries to stop her, but he is stopped by Luffy.

Meanwhile, inside the Ark, Vander Decken swears deadly revenge on Hody. However, due to the Ark’s change of course, he slips and hits his head. He passes out. The Ark, no longer propelled by Decken’s devilish power, plunges toward the home of the fish people.

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