One Piece Chapter 639


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 23: “Kingdom of Arabasta – New Dresses for This Year’s Levely”.
To make new dresses for this year’s Conference of Kings, Terracotta and Maidy take measurements from Chaka and Pell. Igaram is also present and points delightedly at the pictures of the straw hats from the latest newspaper. A kung fu seal is also on display.


After Vander Decken IX is pierced by Hody Jones with his trident, the former touches the attacker, setting him up as a target. He then throws an axe, which Jones simply dodges. The Great White Shark Fishman felt betrayed by Decken, but it would be very convenient for him if the Noah would now eliminate the Fish-Man Island and thus also the Straw Hat Pirates. The captain of the Flying Pirates tries to defend himself with knives hidden in shoes, but Hody ends up just using him as a shield for Decken’s specially thrown axe. He is badly wounded and the ship slowly stops as Jones now sets out to finish off Shirahoshi. He finishes off her brothers Ryuboshi and Manboshi in the process, too, before he can catch up with the princess. Hody is ready to kill her, but is stopped in time by Luffy using the “Gomu Gomu no Snake Shot”. Hody says that the Straw Hat Pirate located on Fukaboshi won’t be able to protect everyone here in the deep sea. Luffy retorts that the last two years were just so he can protect everyone now.

At Gyoncorde Plaza, the tearful Wadatsumi doesn’t seem to stand a chance against Surume, as he is horrified at being left behind by Vander Decken. To get him back up, Zeo tells him the lie that Decken had actually ordered him to take care of the plaza. He then gives the giant fish-man some energy steroids, who then immediately knocks Surume out with newfound strength. After that he’s supposed to take care of Jinbe, but the latter simply blocks his attack with “Nanasenmai Gawara: Mawashi-geri”, whereupon Wadatsumi falls over. When Sanji notices that the resulting shock wave has knocked Nami over, he also kicks the monstrous fish man in the skull, which also injures him. The fight Sanji & Jinbe against Wadatsumi starts.

Hyouzou, meanwhile, attacks everyone around him, including his own allies. However, he proves to be much stronger than before, as he changed, much like Hody Jones, by taking too many energy steroids. The now white-haired water sprite now wants to attack Nico Robin as well, but is stopped by Zoro. The latter sees Hyouzou as a good warm-up exercise before entering the New World.

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