One Piece Chapter 637


From the ship decks of the world, part 21: “Drum Island – Isshi-100 medical care center”.
Kureha stands, holding a newspaper, in front of her castle, along with the best doctors in the country. These are waving a flag meant to commemorate Hiriluk.


Hody Jones is not yet defeated after Luffy’s last attack and then attacks him with his Fish Man Karate, but this does not harm the Rubber Man. He tries to counter with the Gomu Gomu no Kane, but the Fish Man allows himself to be protected by the Iron Armor Squad. Luffy is able to take him out as well by using the Busoushoku. Hody then tries to kick him, but the Straw Hat stops him and kicks him in the head himself. Likewise, Luffy easily dodges the “Yabusame” attack and hurls Jones against a building with a strong blow to the pit of his stomach.

Suddenly, the skies over Fish Man Island darken as Noah draws ever closer. As this threatens to burst the island’s bubble, everyone present is in great danger. Suddenly Wadatsumi falls from the ark and therefore asks Vander Decken IX to stop it. The latter is in the Noah and explains that it cannot be stopped until it has hit Shirahoshi. The princess then changes her position, as she would rather die than have all the inhabitants killed. Decken then throws a knife at her as the direction of the ark changes. Meanwhile, Hody, who is still not defeated, tries to climb up into the Noah as well. He thinks that even though he was cheated by the captain of the Flying Pirates, this is still a good situation for him. Since Decken is also a Devil Fruit owner, so there must be oxygen up there, Luffy, equipped with a bubble coral, lets Sanji shoot him onto the Ark.

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