One Piece Chapter 636


From the Ship Decks of the World, Part 20: “Drum Island, Kingdom of Sakura’s Peacekeepers”.
Dalton holds a newspaper in his hand as Sakura’s new peacekeeping force stands beside him, composed of inhabitants and Lapins.


Luffy orders Surume to watch out for Shirahoshi, which he does.

The Brachio Tank 5 falls into a pit created by Daruma with his teeth. He now wants to sink the Black Rhino FR-U 4 as well, but Franky steers it into the pit himself first. The cyborg then throws Nami, Usopp, Chopper and Pappag out of the pit and begins to transform with the two machines. The Franky Shogun is born! In doing so, he has fulfilled Vegapunk’s old dream, made possible by the shape memory alloy “Wapometall”. Luffy, Chopper, and Usopp are especially thrilled. He draws the Fran Sword and finally attacks the enemies with “General Ashimoto Dangerous”, which the enemies are still able to dodge. After that, however, he slips out of the robot and blasts the fish people with his “Franky Cannon”. Finally Franky throws himself with “General Omomi” together with the machinery at the opponents.

Nami has followed the whole thing, which is why a pirate wants to take advantage of her carelessness. However, she notices the enemy in time and defeats him with her new climate stick by attacking “Gust Sword”.

Usopp also takes out some enemies with “Green Star: Bamboo Javelin.” He is proud of his training that he did on the Boin Archipelago with Heracles. The locals are amazed at how energetically all the Straw Hats fight.

Daruma, meanwhile, wants to create more pitfalls, but he’s thrown back to the surface by someone else who’s also digging underground. It’s Chopper, who has perfected his double-hornpower mode and only needs to take a Rumble Ball for a single form. After Daruma calls him conceited, Chopper mends him for being a conceited monster.

Hody Jones orders Surume to crush Shirahoshi, otherwise he will kill his brothers from the North Pole. The giant octopus proves to be productive, but Luffy still stops him. He figures that he can protect Surume’s brothers as well. After that, the straw hat approaches Jones. Dosun and Ikaros Much try to stop him, but are knocked to the ground by Zoro and Sanji. He ends up kicking Hody right in the face.

Dangerously close to Fish-Man Island, meanwhile, comes the “Ship of Promise”, the Noah. Neptune notices this and is shocked, as it cannot be moved until the “day that must come”.

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